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Rating: 93
14¢ / cup
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17¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Twilight Realm
Twilight Realm
Score: 90
by Philip Truman
earl grey lavender, blackberry, chocolate
Gerudo Desert
Gerudo Desert
Score: 93
by Philip Truman
rooibos peach, rooibos vanilla chai, hibiscus
Ordon Village
Ordon Village
Score: 99
by Philip Truman
pu erh dante, pumpkin spice, ginseng green


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Latest Reviews

Sep 5th '16
The description is spot on with 'warm, rounded, and playful.' Kukicha is a much lighter, less astringent green tea than I'm used to, but it's surely becoming a repeat purchase. The flavor is very well balanced and multiple steepings yield satisfying results well into 3 brews. This is a must for any green tea connoisseur.
Sep 5th '16
My initial thought when I smelled this tea is much like others' have been: 'This smells like a farm.' This didn't bother me much, being from a rural area. The taste itself was very similar, but more earthy, whereas the smell was almost more of hay or straw. The flavor was dark and complex, but delicious. Maybe an acquired taste for some, but I enjoyed the complexity. Pu Erh Dante is the Belgian beer of the tea world.
Sep 2nd '16
One of my favorite teas from Adagio. Jasmine has always been one of my choice flavors for tea, but this one is a game changer. It's perfect for every day drinking.