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by Beth Riordan
irish breakfast, almond, raspberry
by Beth Riordan
maple creme oolong, vanilla, hazelnut
soft gangster
soft gangster
by Beth Riordan
assam melody, mambo, cherry


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Jan 24th '15
This is used in my all-time favorite tea, Cara's Stars and Stripes blend, so I wanted to try it on its own. It's perhaps unfair to judge a component against a well-loved whole, so I'll try my best to be impartial. The tea smells amazing, and the apple comes through nicely. The cup I made was also the spiciest cup of tea I've had from Adagio yet - my lips and tongue tingled for a bit after every sip. It's a solid, pleasant chai with nice apple flavor, and definitely a winner.
Jan 24th '15
We've tried a good number of the fruit herbals now, since we like to offer a different one every time the library does a tea party. Raspberry Patch is my favorite so far. This one didn't have that astringent quality to it that some of the other teas do. it had a perfect mix of sweet and tart. And as always, the color was lovely when poured into the porcelain teacups. A big hit.
Jan 24th '15
I've always liked mint teas, but this was my first time having a black tea with mint notes. It was delicious, and a big hit at the library's Winter Garden Tea Party, where everyone wanted to try it. The tea is a bit sweet and very pleasant - I really enjoyed it.
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