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peppermint, snowbud, vanilla green
Score: 99
by Beth Riordan
fiery cinnamon spice, spiced apple chai, chestnut
Score: 99
by Beth Riordan
irish breakfast, almond, raspberry


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Latest Reviews

Aug 14th '20
I don’t care for hibiscus-heavy herbal blends, but the dominant black tea base on this one helped make it palatable. As a black tea with fruity elements, I actually enjoyed it.
Aug 11th '20
I liked this more than I expected for a hibiscus-forward tisane. It wasn’t as acidic as some others, and I found the mango flavor to be noticeable when iced. I think this is a tea that kids would very much enjoy, and the ruby-red color is quite pretty.
Aug 10th '20
I've had this as a component in blends before and liked it, but it didn't work for me on its own. I will note that my communiTEA packet didn't contain any actual cherry pieces, so all of the flavor in my cup likely came from the 'wild cherry' flavoring, and there was no tartness.
Aug 8th '20
This tea smells INCREDIBLE both in the bag and when brewed. The taste is wonderful too. Really delightful.


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