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photo of assam harmony
assam harmony
score: 94
30¢ / cup
photo of yunnan gold
yunnan gold
score: 96
42¢ / cup
photo of darjeeling puttabong summer
darjeeling puttabong summer
score: 94
39¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Chocolate Chip Cookie In a Cup
Chocolate Chip Cookie In a Cup
Score: 97
by Zee Floofychu
chocolate chip, butterscotch, hojicha
photo of Root Beer Iced Tea
Root Beer Iced Tea
Score: 95
by Zee Floofychu
pu-erh dante, currant, rooibos vanilla
photo of Coffee Time!
Coffee Time!
Score: 90
by Zee Floofychu
toasted mate, honeybush hazelnut, chestnut


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Latest Reviews

Mar 1st '19
this one was super surprising - i wasn't expecting it to taste so much like what it's named for! it's already pretty sweet and nutty as is, but i honestly feel it becomes something extra special after adding some sugar and a splash of milk - that gave it a stronger toffee-like flavor! it reminded me a lot of a heath bar in tea form - though i would still happily drink it plain while usually preferring to sweeten teas
Feb 28th '19
Surprisingly sweet! me, anyway. Although it was sweet enough where I don't feel I needed to - I added a tiny bit of milk and a little bit of splenda, and this reminded me of something familiar I can't quite figure out. The things that come to mind though are either pralines and cream ice cream or butter pecan ice cream, although it was hot. I absolutely loved the sample I got, though, and would definitely get it again!