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photo of spiced apple chai
spiced apple chai
Rating: 93
17¢ / cup
photo of tea chest
tea chest
Rating: 97
only $34
photo of Artemis
Score: 90
by K.a. Childs
cream, vanilla, chestnut

Signature Blends

photo of strawberry macarons
strawberry macarons
Score: 98
by Lindsey Mit...
strawberry, rooibos almond, honeybush vanilla
photo of Wind Guide You
Wind Guide You
Score: 96
by Lindsey Mit...
summer rose, kukicha, earl grey green
photo of sticky toffee pudding
sticky toffee pudding
Score: 70
by Lindsey Mit...
almond, caramel, cream


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Messages for Lindsey:

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May 14th 2016 | Public Msg
Annestazia said:
So I ordered your Undertale set and it's set to come soon. I'm really, really excited to try them! I promise I'll be leaving reviews as I do.
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May 17th 2016 | Public Msg
Annestazia said:
I'll tell you the second they come in!
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May 19th 2016 | Public Msg
Annestazia said:
The Undertale teas just came in! I'm so excited Which one do you think I should try first?
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Aug 4th 2022 | Public Msg
Savannah said:
Hey there. Noticed what happened to your Don't Starve teas- if I'm understanding the situation correctly, they got shadowbanned for copyright claims, right? Same thing happened to me and my dst teas, too. idek if you use this account anymore, but I adored your Chester Tea. If you ever brought it back, please let me know! You made some really good blends, and you were the inspiration for me to make my dst series.

Latest Reviews

Feb 5th '14
Chais and I do not tend to get along, usually. They tend to be far too spicy for my tastes. I have had masala chais before that weren't so strong, more on the brown-sugar and spices side rather than the clear-out-your-sinuses side. This masala is unique. It's neither very sweet nor very spicy. It's definitely a bitter tea, and since I like my teas sweet, it took a fair amount of sugar to ease the strength. For those who like bitter-strong teas, this one should be on your list to try, but if you prefer sweet-strong blends, you may want to try a different chai.
Feb 4th '14
The amount of cinnamon in this tea is a little bit too strong for me -- seems to overpower the apple flavor, but I much prefer fruit to spice. So for people who like lots of kick to their rooiboses, this tea would be perfect. Just don't expect the apple to be a very prominent flavor.
Dec 14th '13
This is not a tart and tangy blueberry. This is a sweet, southern pie blueberry. It smells so powerfully sweet in the bag!! I was a little disappointed when the flavor toned it down once steeped, but it's still a lovely little fruit tea with bold blueberry flavor. Excellent with cream and sugar. YUM.
Dec 10th '13
'Cream' is a deep, dark tea with a light marshmallow taste. But the natural taste of the tea leaves is not quite covered up by the sweet cream taste, which leaves a rather bitter and unpleasant aftertaste on your tongue, even when it is served with cream and sugar. Perhaps with enough sugar, this tea could taste like lucky charms. However, I think it is best as an essential combo maker with other teas than by itself.
Dec 10th '13
Wowzah! This tea smells pretty in the bag, but the scent of the leaves does not betray the powerful flavor they contain. It's amazing how well the strawberry and chocolate is balanced. I thought this tea would be overpoweringly sweet, but it does taste very much like a fresh, chocolate covered strawberry. Delightful with cream and sugar. definitely a dessert tea!
Dec 9th '13
Sweet, succulent, and an interesting mixture between being a dessert tea and a refreshing spring tea. This would probably be amazing iced in the summer, but it's also quite lovely hot with cream and sugar. I bet it would also make a fabulous ice cream.
Dec 6th '13
The tea smells dark and figgy, with a slight hint of earthiness, but it brews up pretty bright and pungent. It's quite strong even after a short steep. Definitely a wakeup call! There's a bitterness on the front and back of the taste, with a mellow sweetness in the middle, that is not quite up my alley as a lover of more sweet teas, but it would probably be a big hit with people who prefer dark chocolate.
Dec 5th '13
A delightful earl grey with that lovely overtone of floral lavender. Perfect with cream, sugar, and a biscuit. This is an exceptional example of what an earl grey should be.
Nov 16th '13
Mmm yummy! These taste very nice (even by themselves). Consistency of rock candy and the sweet flavor of sugar and honey. Only downside is that they don't really dissolve easily, so you end up with clattering at the bottom of your cup. Perhaps the hottest water possible would deal with that, but you can't steep tea like that anyway. Puzzling.
Sep 16th '13
Don't let the smell of this tea put you off -- it's slightly chemically and medicinal with a hint of pear. Not the greatest. However, when it steeps, it becomes a delicate, fruity, crisp cup that is very relaxing and enjoyable. The pear makes its presence known in a full-bodied way that doesn't overpower the natural lightness of the tea leaves. The leaves are fragile, so steep them quickly at a slightly lower temperature. It is complimented surprisingly well with chocolate nibbles on the side.
Sep 16th '13
Smells of perfume and sweet lemon -- like a classic shortbread cookie. It doesn't take long to brew, and it comes out very strong! This is definitely a brave earl grey: classic earl grey headiness and floral sweetness taken to the max. A perfect tea to be served in the early afternoon with sandwiches and rich desserts.
Sep 7th '13
If you like rooiboses and you like caramel, then this one's a no-brainer. The naturally bold flavor of the rooibos is a good combination with the richness of the caramel. Perhaps a bit too strong for people who are not absolutely obsessed with rooibos as a tea.
Sep 7th '13
Wow! What a strong chocolatey flavor! Smells heavily of milk chocolate and brews just like it smells. Very very sweet naturally.