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jasmine yin hao
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citrus mint green
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anhui keemun
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Latest Reviews

Jul 2nd '18
The Teforia makes the best cup of tea I've ever had, period. It's fast, easy to use, and visually beautiful. What else can I say? It does have problems, but all of those problems are existential. First, YOU CAN'T USE THE TEFORIA IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SMARTPHONE. Yes you can use the little cups without your phone, but the true usability comes from the Teforia app. Also I don't think Adagio will be selling those cups in the future, but more on that later. This brings us to the second problem, the app itself. The app works great. It has preset settings for many teas with the ability to add your own. So what's the problem? If you are not already aware, the Teforia is not an Adagio brand device. Teforia was a company with the grand idea of making a luxury, automatic, tea-making device. The Teforia launched with the price tag of $900, or $1500 reports vary, and promptly went out of business. As of writing, the Teforia app was last updated 8 months ago. The problem is uncertainty. I don't know if the app is being maintained. If the app is not being updated it will eventually stop working on modern smartphones, probably sooner than you think. I'm under the impression Adagio is simply selling off the unsold Teforia's. I don't know if they have any plans to update the app. I don't know how long the app will continue to work on my smartphone. I simply don't know. This is the problem with the Teforia. On the surface it is the best tea maker money can buy. It is changing the way I drink and make tea for the better. But underneath is a ticking time bomb of uncertainty. If the app isn't updated, I will eventually lose the ability to use my Teforia. This is the only reason I'm not giving it five stars.
Jun 21st '16
I love the activiTEA in theory. But in practice a glass thermos is not practical. The glass is way too thin, I have already broken a couple of these. It does a good job of steeping and keeping the tea warm but it is way too fragile to take with anywhere other than your house.
Feb 6th '15
This is a great set for the holidays although some of these teas are much better than others. The standout is easily the candy cane tea which was a surprise to me. Usually flavored teas don't taste much like their namesake but the candy cane tea tastes exactly like you would want it to. The other teas in this set are fun to try but I would recommend buying a larger portion of the candy cane tea.
Sep 30th '14
This review is for the pumpkin spice exclusively. This is my new favorite tea during the colder weather. With some cream and sugar this is a welcome break from my usual diet of green tea. However, don't expect this to taste like a pumpkin pie. Like many of the flavored teas the pumpkin flavor is less overwhelming and more of an aftertaste. Overall a very good tea.
Sep 25th '14
Like many of the other flavored teas caramel sounds a lot better than it tastes. I was hoping for actual bits of caramel but instead it had 'natural caramel flavor'. Much like the chocolate flavored tea caramel has a slight aftertaste of caramel and not a strong caramel flavor. If you really want caramel flavored tea try throwing some caramel in regular black tea and see what happens. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Sep 25th '14
After breaking three glass tea steeping devices I decided to try porcelain. The teapot works great and pours fine and holds enough tea for 1-2 people. Apart from that it is exactly what it looks like a simple porcelain teapot. Good for any tea drinker.
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