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69¢ / cup
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bella luna blue
Rating: 97
40¢ / cup
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Rating: 97
only $34

Signature Blends

photo of Music of the Night
Music of the Night
Score: 95
by Victoria E
decaf earl grey, decaf vanilla
photo of Young Scrappy and Hungry
Young Scrappy and Hungry
Score: 96
by Victoria E
caramel, spiced apple chai, toasted mate
photo of For Good
For Good
Score: 95
by Victoria E
white pear, pomegranate green


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Messages for Victoria:

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Jun 28th 2022 | Public Msg
Michele said:
Thank you SO much for the Kukicha card gift! ❤️
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Jun 28th 2022 | Public Msg
Tanya said:
Thank you for the trade!

Latest Reviews

Jul 28th '22
I love this tea so much! It's great to have a pineapple tea that doesn't have either coconut or hibiscus in it, because then the pineapple truly gets to shine. This is one of my go-to iced teas to enjoy in hot weather!
Apr 24th '22
The flavor of this tea wasn't very strong, and tasted more like straight strawberry without much basil. Perhaps my CommuniTEA packet just didn't have much in it. I think this tea might taste better cold-brewed instead of brewed hot.
Apr 23rd '22
The raspberry flavor isn't super strong on this one, but there is still a pleasant fruity taste in my cup that balances well with the black tea.
Apr 20th '22
Peach flavor tends to be a hit or a miss with me. Thankfully, the extra apricot and white tea flavors in this blend seemed to work with the peach here. Overall, it made for a nice smooth cup.
Apr 12th '22
If you're looking for a nice and easy unflavored black tea, look no further! This isn't my absolute favorite of Adagio's breakfast teas (that honor goes to scottish breakfast), but this one is still really really good.
Apr 12th '22
This is one of my favorite flavored green teas. It somehow manages to straddle the line between fruity and floral without being too overwhelming in either case.
Apr 10th '22
This tea is okay, but unfortunately did not brew up very strong when I cold-brewed it. The strawberry flavor does come through, however.
Apr 7th '22
If I had to pick one adjective to describe this flavor, it would be 'distinctive'. It's not really like other chai blends. The coconut and lemongrass flavors are strong, so if you are sensitive to those, beware. But otherwise this makes a nice change from traditional masala chai tea!
Mar 27th '22
I love how flavorful this tea is while still being so light. It's the perfect embodiment of spring!
Mar 26th '22
Adagio's decaf teas really are the best, and this one is no exception. Such nice sweet vanilla flavor without tasting artificial!
Mar 24th '22
This is a very nice berry tea! It's a bit tangy, probably from the hibiscus and rose hips, but with enough berry flavor to back it up. The cream flavor rounds everything out nicely. For a non-caffeinated option, it's great!
Mar 21st '22
Such a bold blend! I love the blend of spices included with this black tea. I only had one red peppercorn in my CommuniTEA packet, but I think it added a nice kick to my cup.
Mar 20th '22
This is one of my all-time favorite white teas! It's nice and light, but with enough body that it doesn't just taste like 'hot leaf juice'.
Mar 19th '22
The strawberry flavor in this is quite strong, which I'm sure is nice if you like strawberry (I don't).
Mar 16th '22
This tea tasted quite grassy to me, and the raspberry flavor unfortunately wasn't very strong. It wasn't terrible, but also wasn't what I expected.
Mar 13th '22
This tea is great! It's nice and sweet without being full of caffeine. I appreciate that it does have a noticeably different flavor compared to mango or peach.
Mar 12th '22
I love earl grey and I hate rooibos, so I went into this blend with trepidation. It certainly smelled very medicinal to me, just like rooibos always does. But oddly, somehow, the rooibos flavor and earl grey flavor seemed to cancel each other out. The actual brewed liquid just... didn't taste like anything at all. Weird!
Mar 6th '22
The orange smell in this tea is definitely stronger than the taste once it is brewed. But the taste is still a very pleasant citrus flavor on top of the black tea!
Mar 5th '22
This tea makes for a nice evening cup, without any bitterness. The smell and taste of blueberries is quite strong!
Feb 23rd '22
I have no idea how they do it, but Adagio manages to make this tea taste exactly like a piece of banana bread! It doesn't taste artificial at all, and makes for a very soothing evening cuppa thanks to the lack of caffeine. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to branch out into some non typical flavors!
Feb 20th '22
I love this tea so much! You'd never know that it's not a normal earl grey tea. Adagio's decaffeination process is top-notch, and this tea just proves it.
Feb 16th '22
I'll preface this review by saying that I'm not a huge fan of almond flavor. This tea was decent, with both almond and black tea flavors present in my cup. If you like almond, you'll probably enjoy it. But if you don't, there's really nothing else in the tea to balance out the almond flavor.
Feb 14th '22
The smell of strawberry in this blend is quite strong. But the flavor that comes through the most in the actual brew is the chocolate (which I don't mind, as a non-fan of strawberry!). This isn't bad, but I think I would prefer a cup of chocolate truffle to avoid the strawberry altogether.
Feb 12th '22
This is such a tasty blend! Both the apple flavor and the spices hold their own, without one being too strong over the other.
Feb 10th '22
The balance between the green tea and the spices in this mix is great. It was perhaps a bit heavy on the orange, but was still really good.
Feb 7th '22
This tea is so tasty! This might be one of the few teas that I have found that actually tastes better than it smells. Don't get me wrong - the smell of caramel and chocolate wafting out of the packet is delicious! But once brewed up, the flavor of the black tea underneath gives the whole cup a stronger, rounder flavor that isn't overwhelmingly sweet. It makes for a very pleasant cup to wake up to first thing in the morning.


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