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photo of golden monkey
golden monkey
Rating: 95
27¢ / cup
photo of blackberry sage oolong
blackberry sage oolong
17¢ / cup
photo of hunan gold
hunan gold
32¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Ty Grady
Ty Grady
Score: 99
by D. C.
sour apple, rooibos cinnamon apple, rooibos vanilla chai
Zane Garrett
Zane Garrett
Score: 99
by D. C.
mocha nut mate, almond oolong, assam melody
Nick O'Flaherty
Nick O'Flaherty
Score: 98
by D. C.
masala chai, earl grey bravo, lapsang souchong


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Messages for D.:

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Jan 26th 2016 | Public Msg
Lex said:
We have a problem! My sample tin is almost empty! Oh noes. Guess I need to make a tea budget. :D

Latest Reviews

Feb 15th '21
A fun, cheap, low commitment way to sample a bunch of teas. Each packet is portioned for a single use, but I find they can be stretched to two uses if I'm only making a cup rather than a full pot of tea. Also loving that it's predominantly unflavored teas.
Feb 13th '21
This tea smells strongly of pineapple, but tastes predominantly of lemon. Not overly tart. Decent but I was hoping for an assertive pineapple flavor from this one. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 13th '21
The name feels misleading on this one because I don't taste anything I'd identify as passionfruit or mango--it's more of an indistinct fruit flavor and cinnamon. Not at all what I was expecting given the name and description. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 13th '21
My sample sized bag was comprised almost entirely of apple pieces and it smells awful in the bag, but don't be put off by that. It smells much better once steeped, and has a sweetness and gentle peach flavor reminiscent of peach gummy candies. A nice tea but overall too light for my taste; might be better when using double the amount. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Jun 2nd '19
I was concerned this would be too heavy on the blackberry flavoring for my preference, but the sage turned out to be the prominent flavor here. That herbaceous goodness is the initial flavor, and then the tea mellows into a berry aftertaste. I'm thinking this would be fantastic iced with just a touch of sweetener.
Feb 6th '18
Bought this on a whim, mostly because I've wanted to try butterfly pea flowers for years but also because the lemon-blueberry flavor sounded good. The lemon flavor is more prominent than the berry, and it overall really does taste like Fruity Pebbles. And that gorgeous color! A novel-tea that was totally worth it. (3 mins @ 212°F)