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photo of The Captain
The Captain
Score: 98
by Jeff Levene
rooibos vanilla chai, rooibos lemon cloud

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photo of Fabian Ruitenburg
Fabian Ruitenburg
Score: 99
by Melissa V.
earl grey moonlight, hazelnut
photo of Butterscotch Vanilla Cream
Butterscotch Vanilla Cream
by Melissa V.
caramel, cream, butterscotch
photo of Nienke Martens
Nienke Martens
Score: 90
by Melissa V.
almond, cream, candy apple


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May 12th 2015 | Public Msg
Amber said:
Definitely one of my favorite chamomile tea blends so far! I brewed it too long at first and it was a little bitter but when I finally got the time down it was wonderful and you could really taste the spearmint and rose petals when it went down. Will definitely buy again in the future!

Latest Reviews

May 14th '21
I adore this strawberry decaf black tea. It's a delightful strawberry flavor and I usually blend it with vanilla or another flavor like chocolate black. Enjoy it sweetened! (5 mins @ 200°F)
May 14th '21
Surprising how this white tea tastes so similar to a black yunnan, but with less caffeine. It's a smooth cup, very satisfying. (5 mins @ 190°F)
May 14th '21
This is my favorite decaf tea ever. I drink it sweetened with a little milk. Not overwhelming or fake tasing cinnamon, just a nice flavor. (5 mins @ 200°F)
May 14th '21
A luxurious cup of tea with that beautiful jasmine scent, but without tons of caffeine. A perfect afternoon cup. (4 mins @ 180°F)