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photo of watermelon cooler
watermelon cooler
score: 93
15¢ / cup
photo of The White Tea of Kings
The White Tea of Kings
earl grey moonlight, cream, snowbud
photo of Totoro
Score: 92
by Taryn Knight
forest berries, hazelnut, hojicha

Signature Blends

photo of Aphroditea
Score: 94
by Lindsay Lock
cream, valentines, wild strawberry
photo of Persephone
Score: 94
by Lindsay Lock
pomegranate, gunpowder, pomegranate green
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Red Jamie
Score: 99
by Lindsay Lock
pu-erh spice, honeybush pumpkin chai, rooibos caramel


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Messages for Lindsay:

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Jan 11th 2017 | Public Msg
Evie said:
Hey, would you ever think about adding Charitea to your flavors? Maybe ones that correspond to the theme of the tea (Planned Parenthood for Hera, Something about the oceans for poseidon, energy for zeus). I think it'd be a great addition!

Latest Reviews

May 27th '20
I like green teas, but this one was extremely light? I even steeped it a bit longer than the package said to. It wasn't bad but just wasn't a very strong flavor (tasted almost like drinking straight water).
May 19th '20
Such a smooth black tea! Even though I over-steeped it, it didn't get bitter. Quite a thick tea - I usually only put in one spoon of milk but I put in two and it barely changed the color of the tea at all. I can't say I've had this kind of black tea before (at least not on its own) but I enjoyed it!
May 12th '20
Smells like fruit loops? Or maybe fruity zebra gum? Something familiar that is fruity vanilla-y, in the bag. Brewed it was a nice fruity tea (didn't get too much cream, but that's okay). Would probably be nice iced, but was good hot too.
May 11th '20
Very gingery and pleasant. I only had to add a little sugar and it was a perfect cup. Not too strong of a black tea. I'd get this one again!
May 8th '20
A nice lightly fruity white tea. I think I might have over-steeped my cup but it was still good on it's own.
May 7th '20
A fairly standard black tea. Good flavor and basically what I'd expect from a plain black tea. I don't mind caffeine in my tea, but it's a good option for if I ever wanted decaf since it tastes the same.
May 6th '20
A nice green tea. I've been happy that a lot of the CommuniTEAs in May so far have been green! This one wasn't super fruity, which I'm okay with. Very pleasant though I finished my cup without much thought so it didn't necessarily stand out.
May 3rd '20
Not bad for a rooibos. I think green rooibos is better than the standard one, which I don't like very much. This one is fairly fruity and light, but it was a nice cup.
May 2nd '20
Such a great white tea. Tastes just like dim sum with the family! A perfect tea to have any time of the day or with meals!
May 1st '20
Sometimes I'm not a huge fan of Earl Grey but this one was pleasant. Very vanilla-y actually. I think it would be nice if made into iced boba tea! Excited to start the May CommuniTEA!
Apr 30th '20
Sometimes straight oolong teas are too strong for me but this one was nice. It has a less heavy mouth feel than other black teas (kind of like a green tea) so I didn't have it with milk or sugar. I'm glad to have gotten this as the last day of April's CommuniTEA. What a great month of tea!
Apr 29th '20
A really great green tea! Sencha has such a light flavor and it's really refreshing. Was happy to get this as today's CommuniTEA!
Apr 27th '20
This smelled super blueberry in the bag so I was a bit worried it would be kind of overwhelming, but it was actually well balanced. I'm not sure how often I would crave blueberry black tea, but I bet it would be nice iced in the summer (I had it hot with cream and sugar today). It is nice having a decaf option for when I want tea late at night (caffeine usually affects me a lot).
Apr 25th '20
This one smells so fruity in the bag! Once brewed it has a nice fruity turmeric flavor. I really like turmeric drinks (and they're good for you, especially when you have a sore throat), so I'd get this again!
Apr 24th '20
This a great black tea! It's a nice, not too strong flavor (even though I steeped it longer than I meant too). Doesn't need sweetener or cream. I would definitely get this again!
Apr 20th '20
I already had tried this tea and really liked it so I was happy it was today's CommuniTEA. I'm surprised this was labeled a black tea because it feels like a green tea to me, but I really like it either way. I put this in my fav Mytholotea blend Isis, but it's good on it's own too!
Apr 19th '20
For a rooibos tea it wasn't bad (I don't usually like rooibos teas). A light vanilla flavor and generally okay tea. I just probably wouldn't get it again based on my tea preferences. I bet it would be good for blending though.
Apr 17th '20
A nice, strong green tea. I was happy to get this one for today's CommuniTEA since I was in the mood for a green tea! Initially i thought it was too strong, but I ended up adding some honey and it was good!
Apr 15th '20
it smells SUPER chocolaty. The taste is about what you would expect (a chocolate black tea), but I'm just not a big fan of chocolate tea. Maybe if there was a fruit element too? It wasn't terrible, but just not for me!
Apr 14th '20
Smells like Robutussin in the bag. Initial sip taste isn't terrible but the aftertaste is like cough drop. I don't really like Rooibos teas anyway but this one really hit me the wrong way. But that's what the CommuniTEA is all about! Trying new teas. Sometimes it's good; sometimes not so much.
Apr 10th '20
It does smell and taste rather medicinal. I always feel a bit detoxed and refreshed after I drink tea anyway, so I'm not sure I'd make this a go to tea for that specific purpose. If I was feeling sick maybe, but this would not be a daily tea for me.
Apr 9th '20
Smelled just like iced lemon cookies in the bag. The taste wasn't terrible but I'm just not super into Rooibos.
Apr 7th '20
I'm glad we could try this for the CommuniTEA today because I used this in my Persephone blend, but I've never had it by itself. It's not overly fruity, but I like that. I think I'm learning that i like vaguely fruity green and white teas vs. stronger fake fruity flavor. This was refreshing and light.
Apr 5th '20
Smells really fruity in the bag. I wasn't expecting much from this blend, but it is really nice! A good balance of fruity and black tea flavor. I just had it with a bit of honey. Would be great iced in the summer (but it's cold and rainy here today and it still is nice hot).
Apr 4th '20
Smells lemony, creamy in the bag. I've never had a green tea flavored like this. I brewed for 3 mins like it recommended. Mostly tastes like green tea with a slightly creamy aftertaste, but not bad. I think I like my green tea a bit better without a fake-creamy taste added, but it wasn't terrible.
Apr 3rd '20
I was excited to have a white tea for the CommuniTEA today. In the bag it smells like those strawberry candies your grandma always has. Once brewed it smelled kind of weird to me - like a soap? But the taste is nice and refreshing. It's a light flavored tea, but it's nice to have a white tea for a change.
Apr 2nd '20
Smells very Christmas-y, so seems a bit weird to drink it in April as part of the CommuniTEA. Not a bad black tea, but not my fav. Follow the time suggestion very closely - I tried to do only 3 mins but think I did it 1 min too long and it does get bitter fast.
Feb 10th '14
This tea is extremely fruity! You can definitely smell the orange in the bag and after it's brewed. It has a tangy flavor which would be nice mixed with other teas.
Feb 10th '14
The mint is really the strong point in this tea, which is good because I'm not a huge fan of Rooibos. I'm not too familiar with plain chamomile, but I know it's a good sleepy-time tea. Overall it was a nice, relaxing blend of teas with a fresh mint flavor.