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black cherry
score: 88
15¢ / cup
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score: 93
15¢ / cup
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score: 95
15¢ / cup

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photo of Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus
Score: 85
by Allison Matus
wild strawberry, rooibos peach, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars
Score: 95
by Allison Matus
masala chai, spiced mate, rooibos cinnamon apple
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Sailor Jupiter
citron green, mandarin green, blood orange


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Latest Reviews

Sep 15th '12
This tea is sweet and light, but doesn't taste much different from ordinary black tea you'd get at a supermarket. I really enjoy this, but it doesn't have a unique enough taste to warrant the price.
Sep 6th '12
This tea is so good! It's rather like cherry juice, but more subtle, less intense. I thought I wouldn't like it hot, but it's wonderful hot -- reminiscent of hot apple cider, only hot cherry cider! I think I have a new favorite.
Sep 1st '12
This tea tastes as good as it smells! Unlike the Republic of Tea Chocolate Covered Strawberry, this one tastes like the sweet as opposed to just having a hint of the taste, yet without being overpowering. Goes great with some sugar to bring out the flavor even more.
Aug 21st '12
Although Adagio says to add a few sugar crystals, having the sweet tooth that I do, I actually have to add two or three teaspoons to get it sweet enough for my taste. I don't find these crystals to be any better than ordinary white sugar, so I think I'll stick with that.
Aug 17th '12
I think I should have brewed this longer, because the flavor wasn't quite strong enough for me. It does have a nice coconut flavor with a hint of sour. After the tea was done steeping, I ate the fruit and petal pieces out of the infuser. It was very tasty and satisfying.
Aug 17th '12
Let me just say that my absolute favorite tea is the Harrisons and Crosfield Christmas Tea. Sadly, the company has gone out of business, but the Adagio Christmas Tea is a pretty good alternative. It tastes just like Christmas in a cup. It does have a slight bitter aftertaste, but I don't find this to be a problem.
Aug 5th '12
This is the most beautiful glass teapot I've ever seen. I brewed pu erh poe tea in it and the teapot displayed the color wonderfully. The candle underneath kept the tea nice and warm while we drank what was in our cups. The teapot is huge -- there was enough tea for three of us to have two to three mugs each. My boyfriend thinks the glass is a little thin and is worried the teapot could break too easily, so that's something to consider.
Aug 4th '12
When I opened the bag, I fell in love with the smell -- sweet and almondy, rather like marzipan. The tea tastes as great as it smells. It has a smooth, almost creamy flavor and was sweet without even adding sugar. (Having the sweet tooth that I do, though, I added a spoonful of Adagio's amber sugar crystals.) Unfortunately, I made the mistake of adding a little half and half to cool it down -- I think it diluted rather than enhanced the flavor. Anyway, I think I have a new favorite tea!