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photo of Everybody's Tea
Everybody's Tea
Score: 96
by Meg Daunting
earl grey bravo, blood orange, honeybush vanilla

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Apple Pie Ala Mode
Score: 87
by Bad Influen...
caramel, vanilla oolong, spiced apple chai
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The Genius
Score: 99
by Bad Influen...
vanilla oolong, grapefruit oolong, white tangerine
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The Hitter
Score: 97
by Bad Influen...
mambo, cream, tiger eye


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Apr 12th 2021 | Public Msg
Wildcat said:
Are you still tea shopping?

Latest Reviews

Mar 25th '15
I got this as a random free sample and it really surprised me with how good it tastes. It has a light pumpkin spice flavor with a bit of sweetness.
Mar 25th '15
This is fantastic when it is cold steeped in coconut milk.
Jul 16th '14
I cold brewed this overnight in unsweetened coconut milk and it tasted very good. I think this is going to be my new way to get my calcium.
Jul 7th '14
This has become my mother's favorite white tea. It tastes a little like a fruity white wine.
Jul 7th '14
Vanilla oolong is very smooth and not overpoweringly VANILLA. It is good alone and mixes beautifully with herbals.
May 5th '14
I got this and the cups for my mom for Mother's Day. They're so cute. I may need to get a set of my own. I'll update when something is brewed in this.
Apr 17th '14
It is a little softer and smoother than the assam melody. I hope they add this to the options for blends.
Mar 27th '14
This is light, sweet, and has a strong (but not overpowering) strawberry scent and flavor.
Mar 27th '14
A little too peachy for my taste, but it's a good mix. I like the ginger which isn't too strong.
Mar 24th '14
I love these mugs. I have one at work (as part of the infuser set) and just bought another to use at home. They're lightweight, but not fragile.
Mar 13th '14
If you'd told me a few months ago that I would be drinking herbal tea on a regular basis, I would have laughed at you. This has become my favorite tea though. It's tart and a little dry tasting (I add a tsp of natural sugar), but is very refreshing. It's also packed with vitamin C from the hibiscus, rose hips and orange peel. Update: This is still my favorite tea. I've gone through a 3oz package in just over 2 weeks and I've mainly been drinking it at work.
Mar 13th '14
I'm not normally a green tea person, but this is smooth and not to 'grassy.'
Mar 13th '14
This is amazing and my favorite of the pu erh options. Its smooth and just a little bit sweet. I enjoy it plain and in blends.
Sep 18th '13
Very tasty though crunchier than I prefer cookies. The vanilla chai is great.
Sep 18th '13
This is fantastic. It is just the right size and the fact the infuser almost fills the cup means there is plenty of space for the leaves to bloom and small enough holes so there is less dreck in the bottom of the glass.. I just wish the walls were a little thicker so I didn't burn my hand on it. The lid is a little fragile. A co-worker was looking at my tea shelf and knocked it off and it disintegrated. Luckily, Adagio sells replacement lids.
Sep 18th '13
It feels fragile but I've accidentally banged it on the side of the sink while washing and it's held up.
Sep 18th '13
This is my go-to tea for iced tea. I have a pitcher at home and at work. The cold brewing is very easy too. I sweeten mine before brewing though with a few teaspoons of raw sugar dissolved in hot water.
Jul 22nd '13
Smooth, silky, and very sweet. It's good on it's own, but I can't wait to start using it in blends.
Jul 8th '13
I got this as a free sample on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. It tastes exactly as it smells.