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photo of Boss Elf
Boss Elf
Score: 95
by Cara McGee
rooibos vanilla, rooibos almond, green rooibos bonita
photo of THE WOLF
Score: 97
by Cara McGee
pu-erh dante, earl grey moonlight, chocolate chai
Score: 98
by Cara McGee
almond, earl grey green, peppermint

Signature Blends

photo of Golden Captain
Golden Captain
by K R
irish breakfast, ginger, spiced apple chai
photo of Cerulean Science
Cerulean Science
by K R
hojicha, pomegranate green, vanilla green


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Latest Reviews

May 20th '20
Much easier to work with than the InfiniTea, which I still love to use, but can be a bit messy and finicky to clean. I tend to secure the opening of the filter by folding it over numerous times and stapling it shut prior to brewing.
May 20th '20
I purchased this blend with the plan of mixing it with lemonade - and it's delicious that way. I find lemonade to be too sweet and will typically dilute it with water, but mixing it with this (steeped in cold water overnight in the refrigerator) in about a 1:1 ratio makes the perfect berry lemonade.
May 20th '20
A great tea for any time of day. Perfect with a splash of milk and a bit of sugar!
Oct 31st '12
This tasted exactly as I hoped, spicy with warm tones from the cinnamon and cloves with the mellow sweetness from the apple bits. Added a splash of milk and a little sugar to get it perfect for this chilly fall night.
Jun 17th '12
A great purchase that I absolutely adore! Cleaning out the tea leaves is a bit of a hassle, since I can't just rinse them down the drain, but it is otherwise a very good design that allows for perfect steeping of tea every time.