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Latest Reviews

Dec 22nd '12
This tea practically kicks you in the face with the scent of amaretto. Unfortunately, that smell doesn't seem to affect the taste of the tea. It's very mild cup, with just a hint of sweetness.
Nov 27th '12
It smells like Thanksgiving! Not a tea I would drink every day of the year, but for the holiday season it's absolutely perfect.
Nov 27th '12
As I've said in other reviews, I like my chai a bit more on the spicy side. This tea is nice, but I wish it had more of a kick to it.
Nov 27th '12
I'm a huge fan of Irish Breakfast tea as it is...and Adagio's is absolutely amazing. It has a very full taste, and is a great alternative to coffee in the morning.
Nov 27th '12
This tea tastes just like it smells. rich and sweet. It's a bit much on its own, but it's perfect blended with other teas.
Nov 19th '12
I wish I could have tasted a bit more of the 'vanilla' in this tea. Overall, it was a pretty mild cup. Not that that's a bad thing...just maybe not the best choice if you like your tea strong.
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