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photo of chocolate truffle
chocolate truffle
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of maple creme oolong
maple creme oolong
score: 94
17¢ / cup
photo of genmai cha
genmai cha
score: 94
17¢ / cup

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photo of Licorice Mate
Licorice Mate
by Kevin Bradley
mocha nut mate, rooibos almond, honeybush banana nut
photo of Chocolate Ship
Chocolate Ship
by Kevin Bradley
almond, chocolate chip, mocha nut mate
photo of Chocolate Vanilla Sunset
Chocolate Vanilla Sunset
by Kevin Bradley
rooibos vanilla, honeybush chocolate, honeybush hazelnut


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Latest Reviews

Jun 3rd '22
Essential kitchenware in my opinion. The easiest and most satisfying way to make tea. I think what’s underrated is how ‘pleasant’ it makes everything. I know that sounds kind of weird, but you know when you go to resteep tea and you just have cold leaves sitting in a little bag or tea steeper and they just don’t seem appetizing? Somehow this gets around that. Maybe it’s the lid. Maybe it’s just me being weird. At any rate, I enjoy it.
Oct 1st '20
This might be one of my favourite rooibos teas. I was shocked to find I liked it EVEN BETTER on its second steeping. Which is not really something I would typically do with rooibos or flavoured teas, but here it just works. It was even more mellow, sweet, and caramelly the second time around.
Sep 25th '20
This is a solid mate. There is very present mate flavour with some of the grassiness cut by the spices and citrus. Speaking of the citrus, it’s very present, to the point where I would actually call this a citrus mate before a spiced mate, it’s the first thing I noticed. However this isn’t a bad thing, just a little unexpected considering the name of the tea.
Sep 25th '20
I don’t get much banana but I do get a comfy sweet toastiness that IS reminiscent of a sweet quick bread (like banana bread). This is perhaps a tea that would benefit from some sweetener to bring out the fruit flavours some more, though I haven’t tried that. I would prob get this again, it’s pleasant with it’s only fault being perhaps a little boring (and sometimes that’s what you want!).
Sep 25th '20
A super easy drinking mate. I actually get relatively little mate flavour and wish there was a little more, but the spices are present in the back of the throat and pretty pleasant. Surprisingly sweet, which balances well with the spiciness. Not my first choice for a morning tea, but probably a good voice for an afternoon pick-me-up.