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photo of Faylin's Tea
Faylin's Tea
Score: 91
by Anne H
almond, candy apple, cranberry
photo of Collamair's Tea
Collamair's Tea
Score: 99
by Anne H
white blueberry, berry blues, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Caoilihionn Muirenn's Tea
Caoilihionn Muirenn's Tea
Score: 99
by Anne H
butterscotch, honeybush hazelnut, honeybush banana nut


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Oct 16th 2013 | Public Msg
Signs said:
This lady makes awesome tea and pretty sweet webcomics as well
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Nov 3rd 2015 | Public Msg
TheDietElf said:
Fantastic blender and wonderful artist and storyteller, do be sure to take a moment to try her teas AND her webcomic.

Latest Reviews

Nov 17th '21
I was surprised by this tea. I tried it without milk and sugar, and it was weirdly almost floral? There's obviously nothing floral in here, but that was just the impression I got. Floral, and some spice, and not really any chocolate. Adding milk and sugar turned it right into a regular chai with all the normal flavor, real mild on the pu-erh.
Dec 2nd '20
I bought some of the matcha ones for me, and they were just okay. Unremarkable. The matcha was not very strong at all.
Dec 2nd '20
This does have a very grassy flavor, like green tea sometimes does. If you like that kind of green, you will probably like this.
Dec 2nd '20
This tea is notable in that it tastes exactly like it smells. Which is like tea?? It's good. It's fine. It's tea. But I'm not sure it's remarkable enough to justify the higher price tag.
Feb 29th '20
This is a really nice, pleasant tea. Coconut is the dominant flavor but the others add a nice touch to the background.
Feb 29th '20
I was real hesitant when I opened and drank this. The leaves smell so strong, the brewed tea is still pretty floral, but the flavor is great? It's a really nice flower tea! Unexpectedly!
Feb 16th '20
When you open this, the butterscotch flavor punches you in the face! But when you brew it up, it's actually pretty light and mellow. It's nice. Even though it smells real sweet, it's just a normal cup of tea to me, the sweetness does not come through in the brew.
Feb 16th '20
This is a pretty good chocolate tea. Probably the best one on Adagio.
Feb 16th '20
Okay, so I feel like this is just on the verge of being disgusting? But I love it??? It tastes like 75% of a dried banana chip and 25% of a banana runts candy. And even though there's no banana in it, it smells and tastes so strongly of these that it is just AMAZING. It also tastes super sweet. it's impressive.
Jan 26th '20
This is really delicious! This is probably the best current cinnamon tea on the site. It definitely tastes like cinnamon, and if you let it steep for awhile it does get deliciously SPICY.
Jan 23rd '20
It tastes very lightly of maple, but it could be a little stronger.
Nov 29th '19
This is a very nice tea. A little push into the savory side. The sage is strong with a little fruity after taste. I'm excited to try to blend this with other flavors, I think it would be a great addition to a mixed tea.
Nov 5th '17
The flavored greens are traditionally pretty good from adagio. But this one . . . is not the best. The mango in it is weak, only a vague fruity sense, really.
Nov 5th '17
It's definitely light, as honeybush is, and has a bit of hazelnut flavor. It's not overpowering in any way, but also not really outstanding in any way either? Chestnut is still my favorite nutty tea.
Nov 5th '17
It's better than the regular cinnamon, there's a definite spicy aftertaste, but it's just not as good as some of the other spiced offerings.
Nov 4th '17
This is a really nice, solid chai. As promised it is light on the tea flavor and fairly decent on the spice. I don't think it's one I would add milk or sugar to, it's light enough to not need them.
Oct 20th '16
This blend has a lot going on in it. I'm not really sure how to rate it, somewhere between a good and ok? It's not bad, it's just complex and kind of interesting. I feel like for everyone the flavors come through differently, the smokiness is strong when I drink it, followed by the orange and I guess the aniseed. I really like tea with peppercorns in it, so I was hoping for something kind of peppery, but there's nothing too peppery about this!
Oct 16th '16
I only tried chamomile very recently, and was surprised how much I loved it! If you like chamomile, this is chamomile, so you'll like this too! The first one I had tasted very vanilla-esque, but this is definitely true to the description of appley. It's so good.
May 18th '16
This is a really nice flavored tea from adagio. It smells really nice, dry and steeped, but sometimes I think the flavor is a touch too strong. Not a bad flavor though! Really pleasing and nice.
Apr 2nd '16
The color of this brewed is very light, but it's not any indication of the strength of flavor! It reminds me a lot of the tea they serve at my local sushi thai place, which is great because that is one of my favorite greens. There is a little bit of grassiness, but it's really pleasant.
Apr 1st '16
I had kit kats flavored with hojicha in Japan, and they were so very good. I was hopeful that this tea would be equally delicious and was not let down. All adagio's descriptions of this are very apt. Earthy, nutty, and toasted.
Nov 27th '15
This is my least favorite of the three flavored pu erhs. It's sort of strange going down. The major flavor for me is the coconut, but there's other things going on in the background that are much less pleasant. And after you drink it, a strong coconut flavor lingers in your mouth for a long time.
Nov 24th '15
I was really pleasantly surprised by how good this was. The lemon is strong enough to mesh nicely with the tea flavor without being overridden by Adagio's strong black base.
Nov 1st '15
I actually couldn't tell you what ginseng tasted like before this tea. I'm not sure I could tell you after this tea. Regardless, it mixes with green tea amazingly. There's lots of little hints of flavor that vary while drinking it, sometimes it almost tastes spicy or tingly? sometimes like very vague ginger . . . I dunno, it's really good!
Oct 17th '15
The smell of this, for me, is overly strong and not very pleasant. I think the scent of their pineapple flavoring just doesn't agree with my nose. Brewed, it is thankfully not nearly so strong. While drinking there isn't really one flavor that stands out, but there is a really nice aftertaste that I do enjoy that is pleasantly fruity.
Nov 10th '14
The only plain white I can compare this too is snowbud, which was almost imperceptibly tea, while this is definitely tea. But as a white it's not bitter at all, and definitely does have some 'fruity' sort of flavors in it.
Oct 17th '14
In the bag this smells great, almost like candy or trail mix or something. After brewing, I have a really hard time tasting the other flavors outside of pu-erh's 'fermented in a cave' signature. When I added milk and sugar it becomes really delightful though, and there are the complex flavors of tea and berries and nuttiness.
Jul 5th '14
After having wild and white strawberry, this strawberry is really just okay. I'd much prefer the flavor of either of the others if I wanted a strawberry taste.
Jun 28th '14
White Strawberry is another one of those teas that smell so good it's pretty impossible for the taste to live up to it. The strawberries and cream aroma from the bag is just divine. A little sugar brings flavor closer to smell, but the divide between taste and scent makes me a little wistful for some strawberry cream candies.
Jun 20th '14
Pretty good. Decently strawberry flavored. Might like it to be a little stronger, but still good.
Jun 14th '14
Wow . . . I did not enjoy this tea at all. It smelled really promising, but the flavor. Oh man. Maybe the mates aren't my bag.
Jun 1st '14
An interesting blend. The citrus flavor is really believable, like, it really tastes as if it were solely flavored by zests and peels. There's a definite flowery note as well. And I think I oversteeped it a little so it's come out a touch bitter. But nothing about this is unpleasant.
May 31st '14
Oh man, this is one of those that smells so good, it's hard to live up to that in taste. A little sugar makes this taste really, really good.
May 31st '14
Not really pomegranate at all to me. The raspberry green is a lot better than this. Adding sugar makes it taste sort of . . . cough syrupy.
May 30th '14
Raspberry green is everything I want a raspberry tea to be. I far prefer this to raspberry patch.
May 24th '14
I wish these were a bit smaller, single cup size. They're so very tall and wide. I sometimes think the weave might be too tight compared to another brand I've used . . . but I don't have any left to really test that out.
May 24th '14
This is a good tasting tea, but I don't think it's really like 'chocolate'. Adagio chocolate flavoring and cocoa nibs remind me a lot of tootsie rolls in smell. Do you really like tootsie rolls? You'll probably like this. The taste is much fainter than tootsie rolls though. Chocolate chip tea is still the best if you want a chocolate flavor.
May 22nd '14
I like Adagio's pu-erh, so these blends will probably all taste pretty good to me, but I thought both the chocolate and orange flavors were pretty understated. A little sugar brings them out, didn't try it with milk.
Jan 6th '14
Spiced green has a really strong cinnamon flavor, mild ginger flavor, and very little of a tea flavor to it. It might be a spicier cinnamon than the cinnamon tea, but it's been awhile since I've had that. If you want 'spice' as your flavor, this is a really good one. If you want something that tastes more like 'Tea with spice' go with the pu-erh or maybe masala chai.
Dec 28th '13
Well, I'm a pretty big fan of the minty teas, and the strongest flavor in this is mint, so I love it! It has a smoother rooibos ending on it, instead of just plain mint.
Dec 18th '13
This tea is almost one of my favorites. Opening the bag was heavenly. Smelling the brewed tea was the same! But the flavor . . . the flavor was almost a let down compared to the smell. But even so, this is one of my favorite of Adagio's spiced teas. It has a nice little tingle and smells, as I said, amazing.
Dec 18th '13
I really love passion fruit. Maybe I love them too much, and this tea is too dissimilar to allow me to like it. It starts off with that sort of artificial flavor some adagio teas have, and ends on a nicer flavor as an after taste. But just not all that passion fruity
Dec 16th '13
Tastes really great. To me the flavor is almost identical to Spearmint. The minty tingle is a lot stronger in peppermint though, and it has slightly different flavors at the beginning and end of each sip.
Dec 16th '13
It's everything you'd expect Spearmint brewed in a cup to be. Has a very minor minty tingle compared to peppermint. To me the flavors are almost the same. Spearmint might be a little more uniform in flavor from beginning to end of each sip.
Nov 15th '13
This was really pleasing. When just drinking the tea I didn't find it terribly vanilla-y. But when I started drinking it with dinner the vanilla really came through. It's really more of a 4.5 star tea. I would definitely get some of this again.
Nov 14th '13
This tea is pretty lightly raspberry flavored, more of a tea taste first, raspberry second. Like most of their fruit teas, it would be nice if they put more fruit bits in, but it's pleasing enough.
Nov 14th '13
This tea tastes sweet, which I usually like, but there's a false sort of candy fruity flavoring going on that I'm not terribly fond of. It might be nice in mixes, but as plain tea it's not all that awesome.
Mar 9th '13
This was really delicious. It smells lovely, and tastes great. It almost has a minty flavor. If regular earl grey is too strong in black tea or flavor, this tea would be good for you.
Feb 19th '13
A pretty delicious tea. Smells peachier than it tastes, but a little sugar brings the peach out more.