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matcha chocolate
matcha chocolate
Rating: 93
60¢ / cup


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Feb 8th '12
One of, if not, the best green tea I have ever had! The flavor does not suffer the 'spinach grass' taste many others can have and it stands up if mixed with other teas.
Feb 8th '12
The greatest white tea I will have ever tasted came from a tea shop in Singapore, but because of the cost (and my lack of that kind of income) I can no longer indulge. This tea is not superior but it is very good in it's own right, especially for the price!!
Feb 8th '12
I don't know what it was but the smell wasn't pleasant to me and the taste was even worse! (no surprise since we taste with our nose!) This was a huge disappointment after most people rave about it.
Feb 8th '12
It has a subtle tartness to it (and a gorgeous color) that can be enjoyed alone or brewed with green or white tea to enhance their flavors.
Feb 8th '12
Love, love, LOVE this tea!! It has just enough smokiness to compliment the flavor. I brew it double strong and mix it with water and lemon and use it during my work outs, helps me drink more water!
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