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photo of black dragon pearls
black dragon pearls
score: 96
35¢ / cup
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raja oolong chai
score: 95
17¢ / cup
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jasmine phoenix pearls
score: 97
35¢ / cup

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Apple Pie a la mode
by Zachary Sekar
vanilla, rooibos cinnamon apple


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Latest Reviews

Sep 30th '11
Killer blend. I've tried to make the perfect herbal minty rooibos mix before by myself, and it never came close to this good.
Sep 30th '11
This chai has the most important thing: balance. You can make it stronger/weaker at will or even spice it up with additions if you want - because it starts out so darn delicious.
Sep 29th '11
Pretty darn good. Very fruity and mouthwatering hot, more floral and refreshing iced. Doesn't actually taste much like green tea, so if there's anyone who wants the health benefits and caffeine of green tea but doesn't usually like the taste, they should probably try this one.
Sep 28th '11
Simply put: my favorite. When I first tried it, it changed my whole outlook on teas.
Sep 28th '11
I can never get enough. Lately I've been drinking more subtle teas, like Silver Needle and White Monkey, but when I really want a classic green tea with a bit more flavor, I reach for Gunpowder. It also makes an outstanding iced tea. I like mine with a little bit of honey.
Aug 29th '11
Works exactly as you'd expect - really convenient!