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photo of Odoroitaka- Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Odoroitaka- Tsurumaru Kuninaga
Score: 99
by Oos Ooserson
cream, vanilla, spearmint
photo of Huhuhuhu!
Score: 98
by Oos Ooserson
white monkey, earl grey green, wild strawberry
photo of Blackest Soul - Gundam Tanaka
Blackest Soul - Gundam Tanaka
Score: 97
by Oos Ooserson
caramel, rooibos vanilla chai, pumpkin spice


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Latest Reviews

Jan 18th '22
These are a lifesaver when the tea maker is in use, or if I’m entertaining multiple people! They hold a pretty good amount of tea too! @adagioteas
Jan 18th '22
This is one of the best teas adagio has made in my opinion! It has a sweet flavor without outside sweeteners, I thought I might not like the banana but it’s very smooth and works well! @adagioteas
Sep 1st '21
The flavor is so much more delicate than the honey I m used to, and that s a good thing! It went perfectly with my Thanatophobia - The Nurse tea (a very light tea) and didn t overpower the flavors at all!
Aug 1st '20
Works great, a good substitute for my old teavana one for sure, while also looking better on my counter. Doesn’t leave much liquid behind either!
May 11th '16
It had a sweet taste to it, not cloyingly sweet at all, but there was a definite berrylike flavor to it. Almost raisiny, actually, that sort of taste! Very good, and will drink and blend with!
Mar 6th '15
What a great tea! It is strong on rose flavor, which I love, and when I add sugar and almond milk to it it feels like I'm at a victorian tea party even when I'm drinking out of my DMMD Morphine mug.
Feb 26th '15
This was a nice tea! The chamomile and peppermint were lovely together, and the lemongrass played nicely with it and it was a great tea to just. calm down with.
Feb 3rd '15
It definitely has a nice sort of creamy quality to it, I had it with some almond milk and it was pretty good. Not the best I've had, but it was still good!
Jul 21st '14
I kinda wish it tasted more like fresh blackberries rather than a blackberry dessert, but hey. It was still tasty, just not what I wanted at the time.
Jul 21st '14
This makes a REALLY REALLY good iced tea. It's a nice strong berry flavor, but not incredibly sweet like fruit teas can be. I like that, because then I can just sweeten it myself.
Jul 7th '14
At first I thought it was going to be too sweet or too mango-y from the scent, but I was actually pleasantly surprised? It had just the right amount of mango flavor for me.
May 28th '14
This was DELICIOUS! I love pomegranates and the flavor on this was great! I add a liiiiittle turbinado sugar when I drink mine, i do like it sweet. i probably could have just had the tea on its own, the natural sweetness was delicious.
May 28th '14
Surprisingly tasty! I'm not usually a floral tea fan, but I do like white tea so I tried this and... it's great! It doesn't taste like drinking air freshener which is usually my problem with teas said to have floral notes. But this one doesn't hit you over the head with floralness. It's very subtle but still full of flavor! I'll drink this again!
Mar 26th '14
A very nice light flavor! I didnt do a thing to it, no sugar or cream or anything of the sort. It had a nice clean taste and was rather relaxing actually!
Oct 31st '13
It's a great tea, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought when I iced it like I usually do with my teas, but when I had it hot it was very good!
Oct 31st '13
This was a great white tea, the peach flavor was very subtle but it was definitely there and was very refreshing!
Oct 31st '13
Didn't even have to sweeten, it's sweet enough by itself, and I mean that in the best way. It's delicious, and phenomenal when iced!
Oct 31st '13
Was looking to find a suitable substitute for the peppermint tea I had gotten from another store that stopped selling it. This was suitable and more! Very good taste.
Mar 18th '13
Very light-tasting and refreshing! Very good after a heavy meal to help cleanse the palate, I've found. :)
Mar 18th '13
The tea smells very very nice in the package, and just as good in the cup! It's sweet, but not overly so, and the color of the brewed tea is a gorgeous bright red! And the taste is lighter than I thought it would be, very very pleasant!
Jun 13th '12
I personally was not sold on the taste as I am not fond of mint and chocolate in tea, but the person I gave my sample to said it was pretty good!