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photo of yunnan jig
yunnan jig
20¢ / cup
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english breakfast
score: 94
20¢ / cup
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yunnan noir
20¢ / cup

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photo of Lady Maria
Lady Maria
Score: 99
by Lauren S.
earl grey moonlight, raspberry, summer rose
photo of Hunter's Dream
Hunter's Dream
Score: 90
by Lauren S.
earl grey lavender, blackberry, white pear
photo of Hunter of Hunters
Hunter of Hunters
Score: 93
by Lauren S.
chocolate, blackberry, vanilla oolong


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Oct 6th 2013 | Public Msg
Briel said:
Aaah, nice to see another Terra lover.
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Oct 8th 2013 | Public Msg
Briel said:
Lol, yea she is!XD I love the entire FF franchise, especially FF12. Larsa is soo cute!
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Jul 16th 2014 | Public Msg
Patrick said:
Awesome avatar Terra. That is all :)
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Sep 17th 2022 | Public Msg
Bambi said:
I really really like your blend Mad Hunter. The combo hits just the right notes for me!

Latest Reviews

Nov 26th '22
This blend would be lovely if not for one thing: the hibiscus. Hibiscus is like that one obnoxious person who talks over everyone else in the room, drowning out everything worth hearing. The almond and creme brulee flavors are good, but they're being drowned out by that overbearing hibiscus that just HAS to take center stage. It got considerably better when I painstakingly picked most of it out. Hibiscus really doesn't belong here.
Oct 15th '22
Bought the black tea since I do enjoy it. I don't know if it's like this in every tin or I just got lucky, but there were a lot of nice, big blueberries in the mix. Plus, I can reuse the tin whenever I decide to buy more blueberry tea in the future.
Oct 14th '22
I keep this around mainly to blend with other teas, like chocolate or rose. It lasts a long time since all I need is a spoonful of it every now and again.
Apr 7th '22
It's a bit lighter than I usually go for thanks to the white tea, but the flavor is wonderful. Coconut's one of my favorite flavors to begin with, and the addition of vanilla makes it that much sweeter and creamier. I enjoy it quite a bit.
Mar 1st '22
Reminds me of the Valentine s tea, just with the addition of cream flavoring and no chocolate chips. That said, I adore Valentine s. If you want a strawberry-forward tea though, this isn t it. Chocolate and cream are the dominant flavors here, with some mild fruitiness in the aftertaste. @adagioteas
Mar 1st '22
I apologize to all my fellow Sagittarians, but I think I like this better than my own tea! Hazelnut can be a bit overwhelming on its own, but the vanilla takes the edge off and makes it much more enjoyable. I heeded everyone else s warning about steeping it too long or too hot, and haven t had any problems with bitterness. @adagioteas
Feb 12th '22
I'm a Sagittarius, so of course I had to try this. It reminds me a lot of Earl Grey Moonlight, just with raspberry flavoring instead of orange peels. I've wanted to try a raspberry Earl for a while, and this seems nice enough. However, the only thing that keeps it from being really good is that I can't get a consistent cup with it. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's just okay, but steep it a little too long and it becomes unpleasantly bitter.
Nov 18th '21
This is much better than when I tried it years ago. The first time I tasted it it was like cheap canned frosting mixed with bitter black tea. Now it's sweet and almost vanilla-like, but not quite. Much like the vanilla tea I prefer to use it in blends rather than drinking it straight.
Nov 8th '21
A solid basic black tea for when I don t want anything flavored. Actually blends pretty nicely with the flavored honeybush teas like banana nut and blueberry pancake too. @adagioteas
Oct 28th '21
Since the chestnut tea is as good as it is, I like buying the tins as opposed to the pouches. Why not get an ounce more for the same price? The candy apple tea and gingerbread tea are alright, but chestnut is far and away the best of the three.
Jul 26th '21
It's got a pretty good cherry flavor so long as you stick to a 3-minute steep. Not really picking up on the blackberry, but that might be just because it's another fruity flavor. Smells a *little* bit medicinal, but not the off-putting scent I've seen other people complaining about.
Jun 20th '21
I don t know how the tea wizards managed to make this taste as much like banana bread as they did, but here we are. It s just so warm and comforting and doesn t taste like Laffy Taffy in a cup, which most banana teas tend to. In fact, nothing overpowers anything else, with the banana, chestnut and cinnamon playing nicely together. Just like the honeybush blueberry pancake, I like mixing this with a plain black tea for when I want something caffeinated.
Jun 13th '21
I'm not usually one for rooibos or honeybush teas, but this is really good. The maple's stronger than the blueberry (but maybe that's because there weren't many berries in my sample), but all the same it's really nice. Sometimes I like using half a teaspoon of this and half a teaspoon of Ceylon if I want it caffeinated.
Jan 29th '21
Chocolate and raspberry s one of my favorite flavor combinations, so I was eager to try Ripe for Romance despite the silly name. It reminds me a little of raspberry Tootsie Roll pops or Joyva jelly rings, although more chocolate-forward than raspberry.
Jan 12th '21
If you re worrying about it being too smoky from the lapsang, don't. The dry mix smells very smoky in the bag, which made me worry a bit, but in the brewed tea it s much more subtle. Also, don't go into this expecting it to taste *exactly* like s'mores. It won't. If that's what you want you'll be disappointed, but if you're interested in a smoky, chocolatey tea like I was, you'll most likely enjoy this.
Jan 10th '21
The almond flavoring is much milder than other nutty teas like hazelnut and chestnut. So much so that it's a background note to the bitter base tea. Not the best.
Nov 7th '20
Lots of spice, no pumpkin at all. I don't know where people are getting star anise from, since I'm not tasting it or seeing any in the mix. If anything, this is far more cinnamon-heavy.
Oct 19th '19
The flavor is more intensely chocolatey than the other two available chocolate teas. If you have to pick one of them, take this one. That said, this is still a chocolate tea, and it tastes as such. I know there are always some people who will expect chocolate teas to taste exactly like candy and complain when they don't.
May 11th '19
It's exactly what it says on the tin. coconut black tea. This is great, because that's exactly what I wanted. The coconut flavor comes through nicely without overpowering that of the tea. Good either hot or iced.
Nov 4th '18
For me it was best to use a teaspoon and a half. Three-minute steep, near-boiling water. This way it was spicy, chocolatey and good. At the recommended time and temperature the ginger overpowered the other flavors and gave it an unpleasant edge. You can't help the smell though; no matter what you do that's pretty gross.
May 27th '18
It s a nice enough tea. Not as good as the black snail I ve gotten elsewhere and a bit overpriced, but pleasant.
Sep 11th '17
It's...alright. It definitely smells lovely, but flavor-wise it's a pale imitation of Thai tea. More of a muted coconut-vanilla flavor than anything else, with maybe a hint of cardamom.
Apr 30th '16
It's very similar to Earl Grey Moonlight in that it's a creamy Earl. The only difference between the two is the little bit of coconut flavor. It's nice, but I didn't really find it different enough from EGM to be worth the wait. I suppose I was expecting a bit more coconut and a bit less cream. I probably won't restock again unless, you know, I plan on having a werewolf tea party.
Apr 7th '16
Ugh. I used to love this tea yeas ago, but whatever 'natural ginger flavoring' Adagio has since added to it is foul. I normally like four or five minute steeps since I like my tea strong, but with this it gets a sharp chemical flavor. It's best used in blends and even then use it sparingly unless you want your tea to taste of bitter chemicals.
Feb 25th '16
I was afraid that this would be overpoweringly peachy judging by the smell of the dry mix, but I was pleasantly surprised. The brewed tea tastes strongly of peach, but the tea base is there too. I wouldn't brew it any longer than four minutes though, as it gets quite bitter otherwise. It also works very well for cold-brewing, with a lot of peach flavor and none of the bitterness.
Nov 19th '15
I definitely prefer this to the Christmas and Oriental Spice teas. It's not as gingerbread-y as some gingerbread teas I've had, but it's good on a cold day.
Nov 16th '15
It's more caramel than apple, and I wouldn't really immediately peg it as 'candy apple'. It's not bad though, and makes for a nice fall tea. Just make sure you don't steep it any longer than four minutes, as it can get quite bitter otherwise.
Aug 28th '14
The tea smells wonderful and if you get the steeping time right, around four minutes, it tastes just as good. Nice and chocolatey. Longer than that and the astringency of the tea distracts from the chocolate rather than working with it.
Jul 6th '14
Raspberry Tootsie Roll Pops. That's what both the dry leaves and the brewed tea smell like. The taste too, is less like the fresh raspberries I expected and more like raspberry candy or jam.
Jul 5th '14
Pretty standard Chinese black tea. Not as chocolatey as the Black Dragon Pearls or as fruity as the Yunnan Jig was, but still nice. Good for a couple of steeps.
Jun 4th '14
I didn't get as much of a chocolatey flavor out of this at first as I did the caramel and vanilla. When I added milk along with sugar, I was able to pick up on it more.
May 22nd '14
It smells a lot like the Pu Erh Hazelberry in the bag. Makes sense, considering, you know, hazelnut. First time I tried it I added milk and sugar, which made it a bit too coffee-like for my liking. With just sugar, it's sweet and nutty and considerably better. Still a bit coffee-ish, but not so much as to be off-putting.
May 20th '14
Nice, sweet, creamy apricot flavor. Kind of like a milder version of the peach tea.
Dec 30th '13
The dry leaves smell very gingery, but that all but disappears when you brew them. The brewed tea smells much more of peach. Taste-wise it's very peachy with a nice ginger bite in the background.
Dec 22nd '13
I love berry-flavored things. That said, I really enjoy this tea. It has both a strong berry smell and taste to it. If you enjoy that flavor, you'll probably like it. If you don't, you won't.
Dec 18th '13
Pretty weak and bland. I'll stick to the almond black instead.
Dec 11th '13
It's tasty, but it doesn't really register as a chai to me. I don't really get any of the spices at all, mostly lemongrass and a little coconut. Might be nice iced.