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photo of Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits
by Emily louis...
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, wild strawberry
photo of Blue Castle
Blue Castle
Score: 99
by Emily louis...
assam melody, hazelnut, toasted mate
photo of Winter Dream
Winter Dream
by Emily louis...
assam melody, cinnamon, hazelnut


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Latest Reviews

Nov 14th '12
I love this little teapot. For something so small, it has an enormous amount of charm and personality to it. More importantly, it holds the tea well, does not leak, only occasionally dribbles when pouring, and keeps the tea warm for a good amount of time. Definitely a keeper!
May 18th '12
My favorite chai out of all the different kinds I've tried. Delicious on its own, decadent with cream and honey, even more decadent if brewed with hot milk. Just a hunt of smokiness behind the spice and sweetness - everything I ask for in a cup of chai.
May 18th '12
I still haven't tried this chai on its own yet, but mixed with the masala chai, it makes for a delicious afternoon drink - almost enough to be considered a snack all on its own!
May 18th '12
This tea smelled incredibly chocolately, but the taste was a little weak. Adding just a touch of sugar and cream brought out the sweetness more. Overall, I still preferred the aroma to the actual taste.
Oct 7th '11
Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoy this tea. He likes the subtle cocoa flavor, and I like the overall richness.
Oct 7th '11
I'm still not sure what I like best about this tea, its scent or its taste. Both are delicious, and perfect for fall.