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photo of pu-erh tahiti
pu-erh tahiti
score: 91
17¢ / cup
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dancong aria
score: 94
39¢ / cup
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chocolate chai
score: 92
17¢ / cup

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Ghost of a Chance
Score: 99
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vanilla oolong, almond oolong, maple creme oolong
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Wolf Bite
Score: 88
by Lisa Eshken...
chocolate, hazelnut, masala chai
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Night Mosquito
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black cherry, chocolate chip, wild strawberry


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Latest Reviews

Jul 2nd '18
I found the maple flavor to be quite subtle in this tea. It's actually quite appealing and not at all overpowering as I worried. My one complaint is that sometimes the cinnamon seems to drown out the maple flavor. Overall, it's a lovely tea though and perfect for cool fall days.
Mar 8th '18
I really was not prepared for how strongly this would smell of honey. Having only tried grocery store chamomile tea, I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of this tea. So delicious!
Oct 22nd '17
This tea surprised me in the best of ways. I really wanted to try it but I just wasn't sure I'd like it at all since I'm not the biggest fan of lapsang (read: the last time I tried it, it actually made me a bit ill.) But I love autumn and this one sounded good. When I first opened it, I found the smell...odd and worrying. The orange is strong but the other scents blended in to make something I just really was not expecting. The taste, however, is really great! The smokiness is subtle and not at all overpowering - just enough to make one think of fall bonfires (but not enough to feel like you're sipping liquid bacon). The orange is way more subtle than I expected and, honestly, all the flavors blend so well that no one thing stands out or overpowers the rest. All in all, I'm really glad I tried it, and look forward to my second cup!
Oct 22nd '17
I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this tea but it is so delicious. It quickly worked its way up to one of my favorite teas on the site. It's absolutely perfect for rainy days and since we get a lot of those where I live, I've gone through the bag rather quickly. I'm down to my last two cups and I want to save them for a rainy day but, well, it's always raining this time of year. So I guess I'll be ordering more soon!
Oct 22nd '17
This tea tasted quite differently than I expected. It's sort of indistinctly fruity. It's pleasant enough but I doubt I'll order it again since there are other teas on Adagio I love way more.
Oct 22nd '17
This tea smells absolutely heavenly straight from the bag. In the cup, it has the perfect amount of caramel flavor. It is light, smooth and great on its own or as part of a blend.
Sep 21st '17
It's not really the most memorable chocolate tea I've had but it's still lovely in its own right. I tend to reach for the Mocha Nut Mate before this one because it just as a nicer, more complex flavor. But if I want chocolate without the caffeine, this one is more than adequate.
Sep 21st '17
I adore this tea pot so much. It's perfect for brewing up tea to keep me company when writing. I was really surprised to see a review that indicated it 'dribbles everywhere' - I really think it comes down to how you pour. If you tip it over too far, it will definitely bubble out of the lid and if you tip it back up too slowly, you can get quite a bit of dribbling from the spout. But it's not impossible, nor is it really that difficult to figure out how to pour without the mess.
Sep 21st '17
This tea is nice and appley - perfect for autumn days. Be careful about over-steeping because it can acquire a really unpleasant sourness. I don't steep for longer than 5 minutes.
Sep 21st '17
Really like this one. It has a lovely tropical flavor though I'm not entirely sure 'pina colada' is accurate but it's very delicious, none the less.
Sep 21st '17
Love this one - super tasty. There's no one flavor that comes through but it reminds me of a lot of 'berry' teas. Wonderful on its own, without sweetener.
Sep 21st '17
Really great tea - wonderfully fragrant and delicious.
Sep 2nd '17
I bought these as a gift for my mother, who absolutely loved them. She took some to work for when she has a particularly trying day as well.
Aug 28th '17
The White Berry tea cookies are nice but...just nice. I love that you can see bits of tea in the cookie itself - they look so pretty. Texture wise, they're dry and pretty crumbly. They also have a really flour-y taste (which isn't necessarily bad since it does lend them a sort of homey taste) with a distinctly artificial berry flavor. They aren't terrible, and I'm still interested in buying other flavors at some point. I don't think I'll get this particular one again, though.
Sep 8th '16
Having tried some matchas from other locations, I can firmly say that Adagio is the best one I've tasted. By comparison, other matchas have proven grainy and bitter. I was hoping to find a less expensive alternative but found my way back to Adagio's matcha when none of the others I tried could compare.
Sep 8th '16
Still haven't quite found the perfect masala blend I've been searching for. This is a pretty typical spiced tea - all I can really taste are cloves and cinnamon. I was hoping to find a tea that didn't have such overpowering cloves but was disappointed when I saw how many whole cloves were in the blend. I picked most of them out but the clove taste is still one of the most prominent ones. All in all, it's not a bad tea but it didn't really stand out either.
Sep 8th '16
Very lovely tea - amazing aroma when you open the bag, and the tea lives up to it. It's lovely blended with other things as well.
Mar 31st '16
A really nice strawberry tea. I love blending it with just about any chocolate tea when I'm feeling particularly decadent.
Mar 31st '16
I wasn't too sure I'd like this one but it has turned out to be a new favorite. I love the lightly tropical flavor. I think I'm going to run out of this one very quickly.
Feb 19th '16
Arrived well packed and in perfect condition. I like that the whisk comes with a plastic container for safe keeping, since the tines seem quite fragile. The bowl was larger than I expected, and while I can't imagine drinking from it, it's easy enough to pour the matcha into a more suitable cup for drinking. Overall, pleased with the purchase.
Feb 19th '16
Really, really love this tea. It's perfect for cold rainy or snowy days. The scent is absolutely heavenly and the tea has a nice (but still subtle) chocolatey flavor. One of my favorites!
Dec 9th '15
Love the teas in this set with the exception of the candy cane tea. Pumpkin spice is definitely my favorite of the bunch! Candy Cane just...isn't my cup of tea. .)
Dec 9th '15
This is a pretty typical chocolate tea. It's not mind blowing, but the chocolate smell is amazing and the hint of chocolate aftertaste is more or less what I expect from any chocolate tea. (For some reason I was surprised that the tea actually does have mini chocolate chips in it).
May 20th '15
The caramel aroma is quite a bit stronger than the taste, but this is still a really lovely tea. Not really especially decadent or rich, but more on the lighter, more subtle side of things. I like it paired with other flavors like vanilla or cream, especially. I can imagine it would be fantastic with chocolate teas as well.
May 19th '15
I have mixed feelings about this tea. The smokey aroma is really strong. While the flavor of the tea isn't nearly as smokey as the smell itself, I found the smell was too overpowering for me to drink it by itself (it actually gave me a headache. My dog seemed to like it though--I'm pretty sure he thought I was drinking a cup of bacon, and kept lurking just in case I'd let him have a taste). I ended up blending this one with some other teas instead of drinking it by itself.
Jan 11th '15
Good for adding a nice, subtle sweetness to tea. I didn't have much issue dissolving them--just give them a nice stir.
Jan 11th '15
Though good on its own, I definitely prefer this tea blended with something else. In particular, I love to blend it with any strawberry tea for strawberries and cream, which is probably my favorite way to drink it.
Jan 8th '15
This has sort of become my new comfort tea. It has a very strong, nutty flavor that I really love. I took a chance and did not order the sampler first, and I'm glad. I'd definitely already be through it by now. This a really tasty tea with a unique flavor I thoroughly enjoy.
Jan 1st '15
As a long time lover of all things strawberry, the smell of this tea alone made me feel like I walked straight into heaven. Tasting it was a bit like dragging in my favorite comforter and pillows with me, and setting up a blanket fort on the floor. It's the sort of warm, comforting taste that makes me want to wrap myself around my tea cup and not move for a while--but then, strawberries have that effect on me. My husband, a big fan of fruit teas, also really enjoyed this tea so I know it's not just my love affair with strawberries talking. I would definitely recommend this tea--amazing smell and taste.
Dec 31st '14
This is a very fragrant tea. I actually was not sure I'd like it because the scent of roses was quite powerful in the bag. However, the brewed tea did not taste nearly as strong as it smelled which was a pleasant surprise. It ended up being a very nice rose tea that wasn't at all overwhelming. I do suspect over steeping would negatively impact the taste so I'll definitely always be careful with this one.
Dec 30th '14
The cup was a bit larger than I was imagining when I ordered, but that certainly isn't a bad thing. I appreciate that the infuser has a handle for ease of moving in and out of the cup but found myself really wishing the lid also had a little handle on top. It's a minor quibble, really, but my butterfingers are probably going to have to be extra careful to not drop it. Over all, a great cup--feels very sturdy and well made.
Dec 30th '14
As soon as I opened the bag from this tea, I was in love--the hazelnut smell is amazing! The tea is surprising smooth. I was a little worried about it tasting artificial, but it doesn't at all. The berry flavor blends really well with darker, earthier flavors of the tea. I think this definitely makes a great morning tea and next time I won't be ordering just a sample size.