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15¢ / cup
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Signature Blends

photo of Busy Kitty
Busy Kitty
by Aiko Fluffy
mambo, tiger eye, butterscotch
photo of Sleepy Kitty
Sleepy Kitty
by Aiko Fluffy
honeybush pumpkin chai, honeybush vanilla, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Wishful Kitty
Wishful Kitty
by Aiko Fluffy
white tropics, white eternal spring, dragon fruit dream


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Latest Reviews

Oct 5th '11
This is quite cherry-y, so much so it tastes a bit artificial. But that doesn't stop it from making a wonderfully refreshing iced tea.
Oct 5th '11
This is, if nothing else, a very pretty tea. The addition of rose petals is a nice touch, and it smells wonderful.
Oct 5th '11
This tea not only contains all the cocoa-y deliciousness of a good Yunnan black, but is a real treat to watch unfurl in a clear vessel. I always keep a supply of this stuff on hand for rainy days.
Aug 26th '11
This sort of reminds me of half the dessert-flavored signature blends people make here. Pretty nice to see it on its own. The flavors really come out when you add a bit of sweetener.