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photo of vanilla green
vanilla green
Rating: 93
17¢ / cup
photo of glass jar 24oz
glass jar 24oz
Rating: 97
only $14
photo of Hannibal
Score: 97
by Aun-Juli Ri...
caramel, oriental spice, pomegranate

Signature Blends

photo of Li'l Sebastian
Li'l Sebastian
by Michelle V
almond, vanilla oolong, white blueberry
photo of The Mad Conductor
The Mad Conductor
by Michelle V
tiger eye, toasted mate, mocha nut mate


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Latest Reviews

Mar 27th '13
I was kind of expecting a roasted flavor similar to hojicha, but gunpowder still carries that slight grassiness which is characteristic of green teas. It does carry a boldness which, if oversteeped, can carry over to bitterness.
Mar 27th '13
A decent way to have a late night cup of tea without worrying about caffeine. I like to mix this with one of the fruity decaf teas.
Mar 17th '13
Love the peppermint in this! It's definitely the dominant flavor but the darjeeling offers a hint of robustness in the aftertaste. A great after dinner tea if you need to wind down after a long day. And it's even better iced!