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photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
Rating: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of earl grey lavender
earl grey lavender
15¢ / cup
photo of tangerine tuxedo
tangerine tuxedo
Rating: 91
71¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of The Luck Dragon
The Luck Dragon
Score: 99
by Lisa Thomas
assam melody, hibiscus, ginseng green
photo of Sweet tart Buttons
Sweet tart Buttons
by Lisa Thomas
grapefruit, grapefruit oolong, peach bellini
photo of Gabbadoodle
by Lisa Thomas
butterscotch, decaf hazelnut cinnamon creme, chestnut


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Messages for Lisa:

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Mar 3rd 2022 | Public Msg
Elizabeth said:
ooo, thank you so much! This one was in the 12 Days of Christmas sampler and I was blown away by how delicious it was! I'm excited I can now make a potfull and more!!
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Mar 23rd 2022 | Public Msg
Karen said:
Thank you so much Lisa for my birthday tea ! I am glad to add this to my stash for when I need a tea like that. Thanks for being a great tea friend !

Latest Reviews

May 16th '22
This was a milder blend than I originally thought it would be. The chocolate is not too sweet, just enough was noted for me. The blackberry was a bit sour or astringent seeming, perhaps I brewed it too hot? I didn't taste or smell any ginger in my communitea packet. Overall an interesting blend!
May 12th '22
As someone who does not care for floral teas or bergamot, I am surprised at this tea blend. Its very well done! Its not something I'd drink often but I think it's one to have !
May 11th '22
The main note in this lovely, light tea, is the chamomile. I didn't really not any citrus or fruit until I allowed it to cool a bit and adding sweetener.
May 9th '22
Smoothness in a cup, perhaps one of my new favorites. No bitterness at all .
May 4th '22
I'm not a fan of rooibos, but the spices in this blend balanced it out for me. Very mild Jasmine , but only after I let the cup sit and cool a bit. I didn't taste much fruit . Overall a nice chai flavor!
May 3rd '22
Lovely little light and fruity tea. I was happy that the rose and hibiscus did not over power this. I took the suggestions of others and added a wee bit of sweetener, it truly did open up more of the fruit and vanilla for me. I did not notice any orange notes however.