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photo of irish breakfast
irish breakfast
15¢ / cup
photo of mambo
score: 94
22¢ / cup
photo of black cherry
black cherry
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Our Friend Chandler
Our Friend Chandler
Score: 99
by Renee Parsons
vanilla, blueberry, maple creme oolong
photo of Triple Berry
Triple Berry
Score: 90
by Renee Parsons
strawberry, blueberry, blackberry
photo of Our Friend Monica
Our Friend Monica
by Renee Parsons
cream, chocolate chip, vanilla oolong


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Messages for Renee:

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Feb 14th 2022 | Public Msg
Cindi said:
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Jul 26th 2022 | Public Msg
A said:
You're so welcome, Renee!
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Aug 22nd 2022 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Happy Birthday Renee!
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Aug 22nd 2022 | Public Msg
A said:
Happy Birthday Renee! Hope you had a great day! Miss you!
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Sep 15th 2022 | Public Msg
A said:
Hi, Renee, hope you had a truly terrific birthday! Thank you so much for your tea gift of Lychee Rose Green. Its a wonderful flavor and I'll think of you in beautiful Hawaii each time I brew a delicious cup! I'm so glad to have met you through CommuniTEA and hope to see you in tea chat very soon. Take good care and pinkies up! Thanks so much again for the tea!

Latest Reviews

Jun 30th '22
The chocolate, orange, ginger blend is a little strange, but still good.
Jun 30th '22
The filter basket on these cups is so easy to clean and the designs are lots of fun!
Jun 30th '22
Such a pretty cup! The filter basket works really well too.
May 17th '22
Delicious green tea with a taste of the tropics! I very much enjoyed it!
Apr 28th '22
According to the list of ingredients, I should love this, but I just find it to be a disappointing and watered down tea.
Apr 20th '22
Delightful peach tea! This was wonderful this morning (and probably would have been even better this afternoon).
Apr 12th '22
Light and delicious tea! No overpowering flavors here. Would be a good 'starter tea' for someone unfamiliar with green tea.
Apr 4th '22
Always a classic! This strawberry tea has a lovely juicy flavor to it and it's delicious both hot and iced. It's also great in blends!
Mar 27th '22
Light and fruity with peachy goodness! Perfect for a spring morning.
Mar 26th '22
Great vanilla flavor! It's good both plain and with a touch of milk.
Mar 11th '22
The green tea, ginseng and ginger work well together, but I found the tea to be a little weak.
Mar 7th '22
Super cute mug! The double-wall construction keeps my tea nice and hot, while the bees add a bit of whimsy! @adagioteas
Mar 7th '22
Tasty blackberry tea with a yummy, jammy flavor. Just be careful and don't over brew, it can turn bitter on you!
Feb 18th '22
Lemongrass Ginger seamlessly blends together lemon and ginger flavors. This is a wonderful tea to have after dinner to finish a meal nicely or you can add honey to it to help soothe a sore throat.
Feb 18th '22
Aqaurius is so delightful! The hazelnut really takes it to the next level. I like to add milk to my cup to bring all of the flavors together.
Dec 7th '21
Absolutely delicious! Warm ginger kicked up a notch. Especially soothing with a little honey!
Aug 23rd '21
Decaf Peach Tea is great! I think I prefer it over the regular peach black tea. Good peach flavor, not too bitter.
Aug 19th '21
I love the ruby red elixir that is Wild Strawberry tea! I use it in blends when I want to add a sweet strawberry flavor. I can see how it would remind people of Kool-Aid, but strawberry was always my favorite flavor of it, so I really don't mind!
Aug 11th '21
Bountiful cherry flavor! I drank today's CommuniTea hot and plain and thought it was quite enjoyable. I like it much more than the retired cherry tea. 🍒
Aug 8th '21
Peach came shining through as the dominant flavor. The green rooibos and other fruity flavors helped to support and enhance it.
Aug 6th '21
Light but bright orange flavor with a decaf black tea!
Aug 4th '21
Following others' recommendations, I steeped the tea at a lower 180 degrees. This produced a cup of tea with minimal astringency and mellow fruit notes. Overall, the flavor is similar to raspberry black tea to me. This would certainly make an excellent iced tea.
Aug 3rd '21
I hot steeped this blend for extra long (about 20 minutes) and then poured over ice. Quite tasty iced tea! It is a little too sweet for me, but if you like watermelon-flavored candy, I think you will like this one.
Aug 2nd '21
Excellent earl grey tea! So glad to have a decaffeinated version to sip in evening.
Aug 1st '21
What a peachy way to start August! Tasty peach-pineapple blend. Would be excellent iced!
Jul 31st '21
Beautiful ruby red color and a pleasing aroma, but the taste was off for me. The lime flavor in this sort of reminded me of unsweetened lime Kool-Aid, not great.
Jul 27th '21
The citrus flavors blend well with the green tea. This tea is wonderful on its own or used in a blend with complimentary flavors.
Jul 26th '21
I purchased the Red Bloom tea. The unfurling of the leaves is certainly impressive, but I was underwhelmed by the taste.
Jul 26th '21
A warm and spicy chai tea. Delicious with some sweetener and milk/cream. Make sure you brew it long enough to fully develop the flavors.
Jul 26th '21
I found this to be a weak on flavor despite a longer brew time. I did enjoy what I could taste.