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toasted mate

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15 full leaf pyramids
toasted mate
Long hailed in South American countries as a healthy, energizing social beverage, Yerba Mate is finding a new audience in North America. Notable is its ability to provide energy without the jitteriness suffered by coffee imbibers.

This toasted version from Brazil is mellower, yet fuller bodied and a great alternative to coffee. The toasting process is similar to coffee roasting and yields a darker, deeper cup that still offers its energizing effects. It has a toasty, comforting chicory note that takes milk and sugar well.

Please note that this herbal tea does contain a high amount of caffeine.

Herbal Tea | High caffeine | Steep at 150° for 3-5 minutes.
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Our teabags contain the same high-quality tea as our loose-tea offerings. Their pyramid shape gives the leaves plenty of room to unfurl and infuse, placing more flavor in each cup. Enjoy the superior flavor of gourmet tea with the convenience of a disposable bag.
15 full leaf pyramids

Fresh From Origin

Toasting is a process by which the chemical properties, moisture levels, and flavors in a food are changed by the addition of heat. Bread is, of course, the most obvious example, with wire cages for toasting bread first showing up in the early 1800s. Marshmallows are another common fireside example, with nuts being a popular choice in the kitchen for their use in baking and cooking. One toasty treat you might not have heard of, however, is tea, such as our Toasted Mate.

Raw Honey for Herbals

tea honey
A gentle, whisper-light character of this raw honey makes it a perfect sweetener for delicate herbals.
honey for garden herbals

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How much caffeine is in 1 cup of toasted mate? Using the pre-prepared teabags.
Asked by Michelle Carter
on March 31st, 2017

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Everything came as ordered, in great shape. Thank you!
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