How to Brew the Perfect Iced Tea: Adagio's Pouches and Pitchers

July 13, 2021

by Janelle Wazorick

The summer wind has come blowing in, bringing the hot summer temperatures with it. But just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our favorite teas. Why not brew a pitcher of iced tea to make those hot days a little cooler? Here is everything you need to know about brewing Iced Tea and what Adagio can do to help.

Adagio’s Iced Tea Pouch

Brewing iced tea is made easy with Adagio’s Iced Tea Pouches. Pouches come in packages of six or twenty-five, with each pouch containing 10g of tea, the perfect amount to brew a quart-sized pitcher of your favorite iced teas.

Iced Tea Pouches come in a variety of blends for a variety of tastes. Whether a Black, Chai, Oolong, White, Green, or Herbal- Adagio has something for you!

Whether you like straight tea or flavored tea, you are sure to find a blend you can enjoy on the next hot summer day. And once you brewed a pitcher of tea, simply toss the pouch for easy cleanup.

Guide to Adagio's Iced Tea Pitchers

The Iced Tea Pitcher or the Airtight Pitcher is the perfect tool to make a pitcher of iced tea in a sleek design. Each has four major parts.

The Parts

• Top Lid: Starting at the top, the lid goes on top the handle, fitting inside the same hole that the infuser goes into. The lid can be rotated to open the spout for pouring and rotated back to close the pitcher. It can also be popped off for brewing.

• Handle: Available in different colors, the plastic handle allows you to carry your iced tea from fridge to patio and has a built-in spout for easy pouring. Inside, there is a hole for the infuser to rest in. When hot brewing, it is recommended that the handle be removed from the glass body until the tea has cooled down.

• Infuser: Slightly different for the two units. The Iced Tea Pitcher has its infuser resting in the middle of the handle, and the removable infuser is a long metal basket with a metal handle on top for an easy grip. It also comes with a removable silicone seal that fits along the edge of the infuser to fit securely in the handle. To remove the infuser from the handle, grab and twist the infuser gently out of the top of the bottom of the pitcher. For the Airtight Pitcher, the infuser screws in and out of the handle.

• The Body: For the Iced Tea Pitcher, it is made of borosilicate glass, and the glass body can withstand both hot brewing and cold brewing. The handle can be screwed and unscrewed on top of the glass body. The Airtight Pitcher is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic and is only recommended for cold brewing.

Brewing Options

There are two main methods to brewing iced tea, and depending on the flavor you want to achieve, the type of tea you’re brewing, and the amount of time you have, you may find that you prefer one method over the other.

Cold Brewing is a long process that involves brewing the iced tea in the refrigerator overnight (or even longer) but results in smooth, clear beverage. Hot brewing, on the other hand, is a faster method that can create a strong brew, but you may find you have to add sweetener to counteract the extra tannins. Some teas may also get cloudy from this method. Astringent teas (such as green teas) would benefit from a cold brew to avoid a bitter brew, while teas low in tannins might benefit from a hot brew to bring out their rich flavors.

Cold Brewing Directions

Before starting: if you are using an iced tea pouch, then there is no need to use the infuser. Simply pull the infuser out from the handle and set it off to the side. If you are using loose tea, simply slide the infuser securely in the handle.

1. With the pitcher assembled (carafe and handle attached), add tea into the pitcher. If using an iced tea pouch, simply drop the tea pouch into the glass body. If using loose tea, add four tablespoons of tea into the infuser.

2. Pour 32oz of cold water into the pitcher. Put the lid on top of the pitcher.

3. Place pitcher in the fridge to steep overnight. If the iced tea blend is new to you, steep from 8-10 hours to test the tea strength. If it’s not strong enough, leave the tea to brew longer. Some people brew their iced tea as long as 36 hours. It’s totally up to you!

4. When the tea has reached the desired strength, simply remove the tea pouch or infuser from the water. Add sweetener to the tea if desired.

5. Pour over ice in your favorite glass and enjoy!

Hot Brewing Directions

This method is only recommended for the glass Iced Tea Pitcher.

1. Remove the plastic components (handle and lid) and the infuser from the pitcher and put them aside.

2. Heat water to the appropriate temperature for the type of tea you wish to brew. Most Black, Chai, and Herbal teas brew best in boiling water (212 degrees) , most Oolongs in 195 degrees F water, White in 180 degrees F water, and Green in 175 degrees F or cooler water. Check your brewing recommendations on the website or your pouches for specific temperatures.

3. Brewing the Tea:

• If brewing with an iced tea pouch, follow these instructions: Place tea pouch in glass body. Pour 32oz of hot water into the pitcher on top of the tea pouch.

• If brewing with loose tea, follow these instructions: Add four tablespoons of tea to the removable infuser. Place infuser in plastic handle. Do not place infuser/handle in the glass body. Pour 40oz hot water into the pitcher. Then place the infuser into the glass body with the plastic handle resting on top of the pitcher. Do not screw down the handle. The handle is only there to steady the infuser.

4. Steep the tea for five minutes, or as recommended in the steeping instructions.

5. Remove the iced tea pouch or infuser. Add sweetener if desired.

6. Let the tea cool to room temperature. Screw the handle back on and replace the lid once tea has cooled. Refrigerate or pour over ice.

Note: It is recommended to avoid exposing the plastic components of Adagio’s Iced Tea Pitcher (namely the handle and the lid) to excess heat. While the handle is what holds the infuser in place, we recommend either using the iced tea pouches to hot brew iced tea or to place the handle with the infuser on top of/in the glass body after the hot water has been poured.


While all components are dishwasher safe, I typically err to the side of caution and hand-wash any plastics to avoid warping the plastic components over time.

Airtight Pitcher Refrigerator Storage

These pitchers offer an air-tight, leak-free lid and a rectangular shape that allow it easily fit a refrigerator door or to be stored on its side without the worry of leaking. They are 11.25" tall, and are 5" x 3.75" at the widest point at the base. We hope this will make storing your tea easier in a cramped space!