This is no ordinary Earth Day celebration. Join a program where stewardship of our Planet is a year-round activity. Help us plant 3,700 trees in three tea-growing regions — China, India, and Taiwan. Once the seeds are in the ground, we'll invite you to cultivate it virtually, nurturing your tree to maturity. Do this responsibly, and once your tree begins harvesting, you'll reap the fruits of your labor — fresh tea from the tree you've nurtured from birth.

China, Fujian
China is the birthplace of tea, and continues to be its largest producer. Its Fujian province yields this country's finest White teas.
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India, Assam
India had been growing tea since the early days of the British Empire. Its Assam region produces a hearty Black tea reminiscent of malt.
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Taiwan, Nantou
Taiwan is a tiny island that plays an outsized role in the world of tea. Its Nantou region produces what many consider to be the finest Oolong tea.
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No purchase necessary to participate in this program. One entry per family. Tea trees typically reach maturity at three years of age. All participants whose tree successfully reach maturity will receive four ounces of tea from their tree compliments of Adagio Teas. Standard shipping charges apply. Join us in honoring Earth by planting a tree today.

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