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by Sarah Partin
almond, hazelnut, masala chai
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Yuito's Angry Tea
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cinnamon, rooibos cinnamon apple, pumpkin spice
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Latest Reviews

Apr 12th '21
I love green tea, and I love mango, so this was an easy win in my book.
Apr 12th '21
This is a really nice tea for when I feel sick! It's warming and soothing, and the tumeric/ginger combo help a lot when I'm dealing with inflammation.
Apr 12th '21
It's definitely very tasty! It's super rich and makes anything you put it on taste like dessert. When I first got it it was frozen solid due to being delivered during a snow storm, and the top was particularly hard, but after letting it become room temperature I was able to spread it easily enough.
Apr 12th '21
It's convenient and easy to use. It fits on all my mugs, and it's easy to clean as well.
Apr 12th '21
This tea is super yummy, it has a floral and almost buttery flavor? The color is my favorite part, it brews such a beautiful shade of blue and adding a little lemon makes it turn bright purple, like a magic potion. If you want a tea that will impress people, brew some of this color changing tea!
Apr 12th '21
Note, I never add anything like milk or sweetener to my tea, and I made all all of them with just boiling water. I'm not sure what exact temperature, I'm using an old kettle and just pour when it whistles, so it's the same temperature each day. I follow the steeping time on each package, opting for the longer time if it gives a range (For example, if it says 3-5 minutes, I steep for 5). Maple Creme Oolong - The smell is amazing, it smells like a dessert. Like those maple donuts? The smell made me expect it to be almost overly sweet, but the sweetness is pretty mild and very pleasant! I don't usually add anything to my tea, but this reminds me of those brown sugar boba drinks I used to get before quarantine, so if I order this separate I may look into how to make milk tea. It may be the tea that helps me hold out for when I can safely get boba again. It was still pretty flavorful when I used the same leaves for a second steep! Ali Shan - It has a beautiful floral scent, one I think would appeal to anyone who enjoys green tea. The flavor is really smooth and pleasant. I love when teas are curled up into little balls, there's something really satisfying about watching them uncurl into full size leaves when in hot water. Golden Flower - This tea feels very elegant? It's hard to describe, but it has a very smooth flavor. Makes me feel fancy. Almond Oolong - If you've ever had a fancy truffle with almond creme filling, it tastes like the filling. It's very flavorful, very nutty and slightly sweet. It's super smooth and pleasant to sip! Fujian Rain - I'm not sure what I was expecting with the name but... It's appropriately named. It really reminds me of a forest after it rains. A little earthy and woody, but a refreshing feel. Formosa Oolong - The scent reminds me a bit off coffee, which is exciting bc I have to limit how often I have coffee. The flavor is rich and smooth, and though it isn't quite coffee I think coffee fans and black tea fans will definitely enjoy this one. Ti Kuan Yin -This one is actually surprisingly very sweet?? It smells similar to a green tea, so I was expecting it to taste like green tea too, but I was actually surprised by how naturally sweet this tea. I don't add sugar to my tea, but if anyone does, I recommend trying this without sweeteners first bc even with my sweet tooth it's almost too sweet. It's good enough, but I don't see myself wanting a second cup. Coconut Grove Pouchong - It's has a very smooth, elegant flavor that isn't too overwhelming. It's just slightly sweet, and the coconut is most apparent in the fragrance. Overall a very refreshing cup of tea. Wuyi Ensemble - Tea flavors are hard to describe but it's really good okay? This has similar flavors as a green tea, very rich in flavor with a wonderful fragrance. I liked this one a lot! Jade Oolong -When I say 'I want some oolong tea' this is exactly the flavor I have in mind. A very flavorful tea, very tasty, a very good experience. Raja Oolong Chai -This one is very sweet and very warming! I'd say this one would pair very well with some gingerbread or spice cake. It's definitely much sweeter than other chai teas I've had. Peach Oolong -Floral and sweet (though not overly so), the peach notes complement the oolong tea very nicely. I'm always a sucker for peaches, so this was an easy win in my book.
Aug 31st '20
Lack of tools is what had kept me from buying loose tea leaves for years, but these make brewing loose tea easy. Just scoop in your blend of choice and you're good to go. They're a bit larger than the store bought bags I was used to growing up, but I don't have to worry about losing the bag in my cup and I could definitely use these in a tea pot.