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only $9
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How Do They Rise Up?
Score: 95
by Seb
white eternal spring, gunpowder, decaf spice
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Rogue Luchador
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valentines, hojicha, turmeric bliss
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The King
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lapsang souchong, green chai, turmeric bliss


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Latest Reviews

Jul 4th '22
This is a delightful tea. I only wish the added flavors were a little less prominent so I could taste more of the oolong. On the other hand, if you don't like oolong and would rather not taste it, that means this is probably a good choice for you!
Mar 13th '21
This is exactly what I needed. I have a mug that holds nearly three cups, and it s been very difficult to find loose-leaf strainers big enough - and impossible to find any that are both big enough AND with a fine enough mesh to brew rooibos. This mesh is very fine and the capacity is perfect for my large mug, and would probably also be good for smaller mugs as long as you mark on the side how much you need to fill it
Mar 6th '21
It s a nice tea, smooth and grassy with a somewhat flowery undertaste. The only reason it s four stars instead of five is that you need to be VERY precise with the brewing or it turns bitter without warning, and that s a level of care I just can t commit to.
Feb 23rd '21
This is a very nice white tea with no pear flavor whatsoever. It simply tastes like white tea, and that s pleasant enough, but I can t taste even a hint of anything else. As with many Adagio teas, I m not sure why there are apple pieces. They sure don t add flavor. Are they just to increase the weight?
Feb 20th '21
At first it s shockingly artificially minty, but that dissipates after a time. By the time I neared the end of the cup it was acceptable, but never quite delicious, and that first unpleasantness... no thanks.
Feb 20th '21
Nicer than I expected from smelling it, honestly. The lemon flavor gives it a tinge of Alka-Seltzer, but nothing so strong you can t ignore it, and over-all it s a light and refreshing taste. Naturally sweet.
Feb 20th '21
It smells incredible from bag to cup, earthy and strong, but unfortunately the flavor is a little weak for a pu-erh. It s still good, but it definitely needs a longer brewing time than I m used to pu-erh needing. But after about ten minutes instead of five, it s delicious, and it definitely holds up to multiple steepings.
Feb 19th '21
It smells incredible, blueberry and maple and everything they promise, but all it tastes like is honeybush. Which... is a fine flavor, but is not blueberry pancake in the slightest.
Feb 18th '21
It tastes very nice, surprisingly so, but I can t quite get past what an odd flavor this is for a liquid to have. Very much a dessert tea, especially with its lack of caffeine, and I m not sure why the apples were necessary, since they don t really add flavor. Make sure you have a VERY fine strainer so the bits don t escape into your cup.
Feb 12th '21
It s a lovely idea, and a nice way to spend time in contemplation during the Advent season. My only real complaint is the same as that of all Advent calendars, which is that Advent rarely starts on December 1st. So really this is a December calendar.
Nov 16th '20
It's an interesting tea. Doesn't take re-steeping very well, but the first time it's light and faintly sweet. It was worth buying once for the experience, but once is likely enough.
Sep 2nd '20
Unfortunately, Adagio s 'natural coconut flavor' is revolting to me. If you like it in other teas, you will surely like this, but as is the other flavors could barely redeem it.
Jun 19th '20
A complicated little tea. Slightly astringent in a way I d expect of black tea, but still green and rounded.
Jun 19th '20
Even though all of these teas aren t to my liking, it was nice to be able to experiment, mix-and-match, and learn more about pu-erh options.
Jun 19th '20
I ve been looking for a convenient source of beet sugar for years, so I was glad to find this. Some reviews complain that it takes forever to melt - that s how you know it s real beet sugar! The sweetening is superior to cane sugar, and guaranteed no bone char.
Jun 19th '20
I got Pocketful Of Posies for my mother, who loves it. It s a light and comforting tea, and fantastic iced as well.
May 20th '20
This is a very refreshing tea. It s astringent without being bitter, and very straightforward. There s no way it ll last until it s available again, it s just too good.
Feb 28th '20
The hibiscus is a little too prominent and makes it more astringent than I d like. Nice flavor over all, but the hibiscus could have been halved or even left out and it would be better.
Feb 28th '20
It s SO strong, which is absolutely a good thing. Effervescent even hot, I kind of want to see how it d do as an iced tea, maybe mixed with soda water. Regardless, it s delicious, and will open your respiratory system RIGHT up.
Feb 28th '20
It s a little too astringent for my tastes. The surface flavor is nice, it takes a re-steeping very well, and the resultant tea is a lovely golden color, but two seconds after sipping my tongue dries up.
Jan 18th '20
Very light. Mildly sweet, but nothing I d notice if I weren t drinking it with the intent to review, really.
Jan 18th '20
It s nice. That s all. Just nice. Lightly sweet, definitely maple, but nothing overly impressive to me.
Jan 18th '20
I wasn t sure what to expect with this, but I promise the following is a compliment: it tastes like being at horse camp. Like earth and hay, solid and grounded. It tastes like an experience.
Jan 18th '20
It s very flavorful, but I think this works best as an ingredient in a blend. On its own it s a little too much.
Jan 18th '20
Warm and charming, perfect for curling up with on a cold evening.
Jan 18th '20
This is very nice, both flavors work so well together.
Jan 18th '20
Astringent and clean-feeling, which is a strange way to describe a tea, but I do mean it positively.
Jan 18th '20
This is the perfect tea. I wish it were available year-round, I wish I could take back half a star from every other five-star review I ve given, this tea is the best in the world. Sweet and deep and just the most delicious thing I ve ever drunk. I can t recommend it highly enough.
Jan 18th '20
Drinking this is very helpful, and luckily it also tastes good too. (Don t judge my review by the display name, you don t know me.)
Nov 24th '19
Delicious, but such a strange sensation! Light, refreshing, and also actively painful. I can't stop drinking it.
Nov 24th '19
Strangely bitter and with almost no discernible pomegranate flavor - maybe I oversteeped it, but I'm very careful about that when testing for reviews. It's nice blended with other green or white teas, but on it own I am not a fan.
Nov 24th '19
Not as much of a kick as I'd hoped from the ginger/cinnamon/pepper, but there’s a faint aftertaste of spice. On the surface, mostly fruit - especially orange - with just a slight tang. I’d hoped this would be stronger, but the orange overpowers almost everything. It seems like it would be very comforting during autumn nights, especially if one had a cold.
Nov 24th '19
The most immediately obvious flavors are lemongrass and hibiscus, but the cinnamon comes out after a while. It’s nice, and sweet, but doesn’t have much personality. Which is an objectively weird thing to say about a tea, sorry, but it just doesn’t stand out to me.
Nov 24th '19
This is a simple tea - black and strong with a scent and aftertaste of rose jam. It’s very nice, and there’s not much else I can say about it.
Nov 24th '19
It tastes like a milk chocolate strawberry truffle, and I’m not sure that’s the compliment it sounds like. There’s something unsettling about that flavor combination in a liquid. It’s exactly as described, so I can’t fault it, but it’s not really for me. It goes bitter very quickly, also.
Jun 27th '19
This tea has a VERY light flavor. It's green, bright, and almost sweet. I'd hesitate to blend it with anything else, for fear the flavor would be lost, but it's nice on its own. I may steep it for longer next time (I went with the recommended 2 minutes), but it's definitely not unpleasant. In fact, I can't seem to stop sipping it. It's just that it's SO light.
Jun 27th '19
It's very similar in flavor to genmaicha. There's a vaguely seaweedy scent (not unpleasant or overpowering), but most of the impression I get is of toasted plant matter. A moderate flavor, with a roasted aftertaste. Striking. Would be a good tea for winding down after work.
Jul 13th '18
I got Magnificent ChamoMile, and it's both fragrant and delicious. Plus, the tin is beautiful!
Jul 13th '18
This tea is wonderfully soothing, calming your stomach even as it perks up your senses. It can handle multiple steepings, as well, which is always a plus.
May 2nd '18
This tea is pleasant and not too strongly-flavored, with a deep red color and fruity scent. It's nice over all, but there's a strange tinny aftertaste sometimes. Not enough to make me stop drinking it, but... strange.