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May 20th '17
I had such high expectation on Oriental Beauty and I couldn't wait to get this tea from Adagio. After trying a few times, unfortunately I couldn't find anything special from this tea. I tried 200 F / 3 min first and also tried higher temperature later. I expected unique and strong aroma and taste but felt that something was missing. I will keep exploring but probably won't order this again. (3 mins @ 200°F)
May 20th '17
Ti Kuan Yin has always been my favorite, and I was very satisfied with Adagio's Ti Kuan Yin. The tea came out with great aroma and strength even on the 3rd steep. I will definitely order more when I finish this batch. (3 mins @ 195°F)
May 20th '17
I followed Adagio's brewing instruction. This tea had typical characteristics of Chinese green tea, but I wasn't wowed. It was a bit flat and weak. Guess I'd need to try different ways next time. (2 mins @ 180°F)
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