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Dec 12th '16
It's a bit more savory than Irish Breakfast and, somehow, a slightly finer experience overall. The leaves are beautiful, the brewed tea is beautiful, the aroma is lovely. I recommend it (3 mins @ 190°F)
Nov 26th '16
Okay, yea, this one is very good. I wish they made a decaf for evening drinking, or maybe a chestnut honeybush or something. It is very roasty and nutty and pretty mapley. I drink it black, sometimes with honey. Recommended. (4 mins @ 190°F)
Nov 26th '16
I'm into it. I enjoy coconut, and the lemongrass is a welcome addition as well. Masala chai will probably always be bae, but this is a very welcome addition. I like to brew chai teas strong on the stove top with plenty of honey and milk. It's not an everyday thing, but it's a special indulgence. (6 mins @ 212°F)
Oct 4th '16
This one disappointed me. People be saying that it 'doesn't taste enough like pumpkin' or tastes like a normal spiced tea, but to me it had a rather strange taste that was not like spices and not like pumpkin and not very good. Not awful, but not something I'm gonna be brewing much. It can be salvaged by mixing with masala chai, but the masala chai is better on its own. Fortunately, my roommate likes it okay. (5 mins @ 200°F)
Oct 4th '16
Best chai tea I've ever found personally. I brew it on the stove and added heated milk and sugar or honey. Great pot of tea to savor in the afternoon. I like the heat from the ginger particularly. (6 mins @ 212°F)
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