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peach oolong iced tea
peach oolong iced tea
Rating: 97
rooibos vanilla iced tea
rooibos vanilla iced tea
Rating: 94
mango iced tea
mango iced tea
Rating: 96

Signature Blends

Double Mint
Double Mint
Score: 90
by Michelle Fi...
spearmint, peppermint, chamomile
by Michelle Fi...
coconut, almond, vanilla
Soothing Times
Soothing Times
Score: 99
by Michelle Fi...
chamomile, cream, peppermint


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Messages for Michelle:

Oct 31st 2016 | Public Msg
JUDITH said:
I don't know what the <bleep> has happened to Adagio's web site, but when I order this tea, it better come to me and not some Michelle, whom I've never heard of.

Latest Reviews

Jul 27th '15
Cute little pot, I had to return it for a refund though. Adagio always extremely helpful with replacements and refunds!
Jul 27th '15
One of my favorites teas, just slightly fruity brisk smooth and lighter of oolongs. love the golden color with a hint of the peach definitely not over powering at all
Jul 27th '15
One of my favorite oolongs, pleasant aroma and perfect sweet flavor not over. You would not go wrong with this one, weather new to oolongs or not. Definitely a must have! One of my favorite always make sure I have a supply in the house (3 mins @ 212°F)
Jul 27th '15
I'm not a huge fan of earl greys, but this is is very good, not as bold and smoother but yet as strong as it should be
Jul 27th '15
Perfect for an afternoon pot of tea for two people
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