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Score: 95
by Sonya Shannon
irish breakfast, cinnamon, mocha nut mate
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mandarin green, peppermint, green rooibos bonita
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Score: 99
by Sonya Shannon
white blueberry, chamomile, green rooibos blueberry


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Latest Reviews

May 13th '16
I really love the flavor of this lemon grass tea. It is herby and lemony (especially if you steep it a little longer) and has become one of my favorites.
Mar 6th '16
I really enjoy this tea - it's equally great for a cold, frosty morning or for dessert! The lemony-ness could be a tad stronger but I'd prefer this balance over something that overpowered and smelled or tasted like pledge. I have bought this one twice now -- I must really like it :-)
Mar 6th '16
This is yummy! Even my husband says it smells like dessert. I will buy this one again.
Mar 6th '16
This is a nice tea, but I had to admit that I like regular rooibos better than the honeybush variety. If they offered this flavor with the regular then it would be 5*.
Mar 6th '16
I wanted to love this tea, but I think the combination of Hibiscus with black tea is just not working for me, perhaps the black tea is too bitter for the floral note of the hibiscus.
Feb 23rd '16
Oh, delicious. I was worried the almond would overpower the rooibos and end up tasting fake, but it doesn't! It's perfectly balanced and doesn't even need sugar. This tea has become my number 2 favorite.
Feb 17th '16
This is a pretty good cup of tea... the reason I am only giving it four stars instead of five is based on: Do I want to reorder another packet immediately? No. Do I choose it above other flavors I like (such as Rooibos Earl Grey?) No. Do I enjoy the aroma/flavor/etc? Yes, very much... it's just not as re-drinkable as others. The blueberry could have been a little stronger, but overall I still think it's a very drinkable tea and will reorder it in the future, just not right now.
Feb 2nd '16
This tea grew on me. The first time I brewed it I did not care for it at all -- I was expecting something along the lines of Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo and instead I got weaker flavor and no base note. The second time I brewed it, I added a pinch of dark cocoa powder to the tea, and enjoyed it much more... not enough to taste chocolate or cocoa, but enough to give it that base note it lacked.
Jan 24th '16
This Wild Strawberry tea is really juicy and delicious. I added an eighth of a teaspoon of dark cocoa powder to my pot the last time I made it and it gave it a lovely chocolate underbelly. I will definitely be buying this one again!
Jan 24th '16
This is an acceptable Chamomile tea, but in my opinion, tastes very similar to the C.S. Sleepytime tea. So I was hoping for something vibrant and herby and the lemon was completely lost and the mint not as pronounced as Sleepytime. I probably won't buy it again.