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photo of Lost
Score: 95
by Jasmine fay...
assam melody, almond, spiced apple chai
photo of Card Master
Card Master
Score: 98
by Jasmine fay...
chocolate, vanilla, decaf strawberry
photo of Neo Queen
Neo Queen
Score: 99
by Jasmine fay...
earl grey moonlight, summer rose, decaf apricot


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Latest Reviews

Jan 25th '17
when i opened the package it was definitely like smelling christmas. its wonderful blend of spices and i love it!
Jan 25th '17
The thought of a tea sold only on full moons was so tempting to me, unfortunately i dont love the bergamot, it seems overpowering to me and i dont taste any coconut. which is sad because i like adagio's earl grey but this was too much for me unfortunately.
Sep 29th '15
this definitely taste like roses. if you like floral this is great, personally i like mixing it with earl grey moonlight so i have only a hint of rose.
Sep 29th '15
im not too big on like, a very strong almond flavour so i really like this tea. its not as strong as the smell of the leaves.
Jul 31st '15
Such a wonderful mix of cream to the Earl grey citrus! It's wonderful and I so love the name. It really suits it! It's a great staple tea
Jul 30th '15
this is such a delicious tea, a nice staple tea to have if you enjoy black tea. the tea smells very strong of citrus(and vaguely like froot loops) the taste is milder then the smell. wonderful i love it!
Jul 17th '15
these are so great! as much as i love y ingenuiTea sometimes i just dont want to take it out so these filters are awesome!. also its great how big they are so the leaves can expand enough and that they are so tall so i can also use them in a tea pot. love them!