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Jun 19th '14
Tasted like the best apple juice, minus the calories. Added a bit of sweetener to it and it was perfect! Good hot or iced! (8 mins @ 212°F)
Aug 7th '13
I'm a little biased because I made this blend, but I personally love it. It's smoky and hearty and stays with you for hours. You first taste the lapsang souchong, which is only 20 percent of the blend, and it mixes with the earthiness of the sweet potato. Then, after you finish your sip, you get the warmth of the chai radiating through your body. It's oddly energizing yet calming at the same time. It's an odd tea, but it's smooth as satin and very sexy. It's definitely going to be my go-to tea when I need to get something done since it is very invigorating. I added a bit of sugar to it and after a few sips, I added a bit of almond milk, and it was perfect. Definitely try it if you're feeling adventurous or want a less in-your-face blend of lapsang souchong, which is perfectly complimented and blended with the sweet potato. (4 mins @ 212°F)
Jul 31st '13
I may be biased because I made the blend, but I loved this tea. It tastes like miracles and sunshine and world peace. And pumpkin and marshmallow and is very desserty. My only complaint is that hardly any cinnamon/spice comes through. It's a very creamy, sweet tea (but I did add sugar) and it has an almost fruity scent and flavor to it. It makes me feel hopeful and happy and floaty whenever I sniff it or take a sip. I probably will try brewing this tea again but try adding some extra cinnamon stick to it to see how it tastes, and I'll write a review then and tell you how it is! But yeah, this will definitely be my go-to tea when I'm having a bad day, because it just really does make you feel a little bit more optimistic and happy and, well, hopeful. (4 mins @ 212°F)

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Hero of Hope
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