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Messages for Mitch:

Dec 8th 2013 | Public Msg
Ship said:
I love your interpretation of Elsa in tea form! What a fantastic combination!
Jan 10th 2014 | Public Msg
Nora said:
My SO loves cowboy bebop so I'm getting him the Spike Spiegal blend. I'm excited to try it!

Latest Reviews

Mar 26th '16
A soft fruity tea. It actually performed quite well iced. (2 mins @ 190°F)
Mar 26th '16
I love nutty and spicy teas. These blends are wonderful as stand alone, or can be used to make new combinations. (2 mins @ 190°F)
Mar 26th '16
It is important with all green teas to never oversteep or to scald the tea. If you can manage to steep it well, it will help you live to 100. (2 mins @ 190°F)
Mar 26th '16
Every tea here is magical. One of my favoite samplers. (5 mins @ 210°F)
Mar 26th '16
This was a tea blended for a friend. Made, ordered, and deleted. (2 mins @ 190°F)
Apr 23rd '15
I genuinely love this tea. Always a winner in my book. It's my go-to tea for when I want a mocha and caramel but don't want the caffeine of coffee. Delightful. (2 mins @ 190°F)


yunnan pu erh white
yunnan pu erh white
$1.57 / cup
darjeeling puttabong summer
darjeeling puttabong summer
Rating: 94
34¢ / cup
Rating: 93
37¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Howl's Healing Touch
Howl's Healing Touch
Score: 92
by Mitch Mitch...
rooibos jasmine, chamomile, peppermint
Totoro's Gift
Totoro's Gift
Score: 80
by Mitch Mitch...
pu erh hazelberry, masala chai, chestnut
kiki and jiji
kiki and jiji
Score: 99
by Mitch Mitch...
chocolate chai, pumpkin spice, candy apple
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