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This page allows you to learn a little about Josh. It includes a list of favorite teas as well as friends that share Josh's taste in tea. We hope you find the info interesting and choose to further explore our tea and teaware.


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latest reviews

Oct 26th '15
A really enjoyable black tea that is perfect in the morning, surprisingly like the name suggests.
Oct 26th '15
Super tasty white tea that is one of my favorite whites.
Apr 25th '15
Not too bad. The hibiscus was quite tasty and a not something I had had before.
Mar 8th '15
An excellent green tea. It was better than average.
3 mins @ 180°F
Jan 9th '15
If you love jade oolong or ti kuan yin, this is a great and cheap alternative. I tried it because it was a similar oolong to those previous teas and I wasn't disappointed. It is great.
3 mins @ 195°F
Nov 16th '14
A decent mate. Be careful and don't use too hot of water or steep it longer than recommended. Mate is especially sensitive to oversteeping and will be incredibly bitter. I even have a thermometer just for mate.
3 mins @ 150°F
Oct 5th '14
Ugh, I love a good oolong but this one has too much 'natural flavor' in it to be good. I think it'd be better suited to be called 'natural artificial flavor.'
Adagio Response
Josh, the flavor is definitely natural but we're sorry that it was too overpowering for you. We suggest our unflavored oolongs for a better experience.
3 mins @ 212°F
Sep 16th '14
I started out really liking this but for some reason I can't drink it more than once a week or so. Yerba mate is decent but the citrus flavoring just tastes a bit fake.
2 mins @ 150°F
Sep 16th '14
If you like Earl Grey, you'll probably enjoy this. I'm not the biggest fan of it so the taste was 'ok'.
3 mins @ 212°F
Jul 23rd '14
I'm a big fan of chai's and this Masala one is on point (plain with no sugar or milk of course). There isn't anything else to say other than it is delicious.
Jun 16th '14
This is a pretty spectacular chai. It is sweet but definitely not too sweet like some other ones. It tastes great.
3 mins @ 212°F
Feb 17th '14
I thought that I enjoyed sencha but after having a cup of this, it tasted like I just melted down some rubber and drank it. Hmm, for some reason I just don't like how it tasted. Maybe I steeped it for too long.
2 mins @ 180°F
Feb 1st '14
A great oolong. It reminds me a lot of jade oolong but a bit smoother.
3 mins @ 180°F
Jan 28th '14
It's a pretty standard green tea things to add flavor. It was okay but I wouldn't consider it that special.
2 mins @ 180°F
Jan 27th '14
A freaking fantastic jasmine tea. I am a big fan of this tea and there isn't a thing about it that I dislike.
2 mins @ 195°F
Jan 25th '14
I was turned off by the smell but once I tasted it I realized it was fantastic. I have just started to grow a liking for oolong and so far this one is my favorite.
3 mins @ 180°F
Jan 17th '14
I was hesitant on whether or not I'd enjoy mate but this sampler was a great way to try it. I learned that you have to be very careful to brew it at the right temperature and don't oversteep it. It is very easy to get an overly bitter and nasty taste. I've thrown out a few cups because of that =]
3 mins @ 150°F
Nov 23rd '13
Disclaimer: I created this blend =] This blend was created because I had a scoop of spiced green left and plenty of hojicha. I decided to do half and half and it was a great taste (but a little too much spice). So I experimented with the blend and came up with this. I really enjoy it. But then again, when doesn't a chef enjoy his/her own creations? .)
2 mins @ 180°F
Nov 12th '13
A very tasty oolong. I can't find anything about it that I dislike.
4 mins @ 212°F
Nov 10th '13
I love chai teas a lot and this was another perfect chai from Adagio. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy masala and or any of the other chai teas.
5 mins @ 212°F
Nov 9th '13
This is a very good green tea, there was nothing about the flavor that I disliked.
2 mins @ 170°F
Nov 7th '13
This is a really good white tea. It is has a very nice taste and so far it is my plain white tea that I've had.
4 mins @ 195°F
Nov 6th '13
I did not like this tea one bit. The smell was great but when I steeped it, it was way too sweet. I'm not a fan of sweet tea so this don't let this review deter you from trying it.
Nov 4th '13
Be very careful to not brew this too hot. I noticed that even being off by 10 degrees it will cause it to taste like rubber. I even erred on the cold side and brewed it at 160 and it tasted great. I definitely recommend it as a smooth tasty green tea.
2 mins @ 160°F
Nov 3rd '13
Another great flavorful white tea. This and the white blueberry are so blissful.
3 mins @ 180°F
Nov 2nd '13
I can totally see why everyone loves gunpowder green tea. It has an amazing flavor. It is definitely going onto my favorites list.
2 mins @ 180°F
Nov 2nd '13
'Good' is a nice way to explain how this tea tastes. It isn't special but it certainly isn't bad. Overall it was very enjoyable.
3 mins @ 180°F
Nov 2nd '13
I've really come to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey. The best thing about this is that it is light on the Earl Grey flavors (yet still noticeable) and has a sweet after taste and smell of cherry. It's a great and perfect morning tea. Disclaimer: I blended it =]
3 mins @ 212°F
Oct 9th '13
This was a pretty tasty black tea with vanilla. I can definitely see it being a great morning tea or even a great tea to add to a blend.
3 mins @ 212°F
Sep 28th '13
A pretty delightful black tea. The blueberry flavor is a great addition to spice up a morning cup of tea.
3 mins @ 212°F
Sep 11th '13
An excellent, light little chai. It has a nice blend of spices and it's great that it is a green tea instead of a black one.
3 mins @ 180°F
Sep 9th '13
A great sampler. I had only tried the chocolate chai but wanted to try the other three. This is a great way to experiment and try other teas.
Aug 9th '13
Although I'm slightly biased, I absolutely love this blend. that's why I created it.
3 mins @ 212°F
Jun 25th '13
Not too bad. It tastes like a less oxidized version of the golden monkey black tea.
2 mins @ 180°F
Mar 26th '13
I was really hesitant to see whether or not I'd like this but it tastes great. The taste even stayed with it over multiple steepings. This is like a green tea version of masala chai (another one of my favorites) so if you like that tea, definitely give this one a taste.
2 mins @ 185°F
Mar 23rd '13
A pretty decent rooibos. The taste wasn't as strong as I figured it would be however.
5 mins @ 212°F
Mar 21st '13
I've had a few other hojicha's before but Adagio's was the best. It is very smooth and the smoky flavor is perfect.
2 mins @ 180°F
Mar 21st '13
I am in love with anything jasmine from Adagio. If you like jasmine, this is a great white tea variety of it. Definitely recommend.
3 mins @ 195°F
Mar 18th '13
This is a great little tea. It is very rich and I really like the vanilla flavor. I definitely recommend this to anyone that likes green tea and/or vanilla.
2 mins @ 180°F
Mar 17th '13
No wonder this is the top rated green tea. It is amazing. It was the best cup of jasmine tea that I've ever had. Uncle Iroh would love this.
2 mins @ 195°F
Mar 16th '13
This is my first white tea from Adagio and it is absolutely delicious. It smells exactly like a blueberry muffin. It tastes like a very nice white tea with a flavoring of blueberry. The after taste is just as wonderful as well. I definitely recommend this tea.
4 mins @ 180°F
Mar 15th '13
I have never been fond of Chamomile but I figured I'd give Adagio's a shot. I must say, I still didn't like it. I think the blend is quite magical but I just don't dig the Chamo. Ahh well.
6 mins @ 212°F
Mar 3rd '13
This is a very good chai. The chocolate flavor is spot on and the ginger and cinnamon add a nice little touch. efinitely give this a try if you like a nice chai and love chocolate.
3 mins @ 212°F
Feb 13th '13
I don't know if it is just me, but this smelled and tasted like wet dog. I couldn't get past a few sips.
5 mins @ 212°F
Feb 11th '13
One of my favorite teas has coconut in it but for some reason I could hardly taste it in this one. It tasted more like a plain green tea than a coconut oolong. nd it wasn't even particularly good tasting oolong either.
3 mins @ 212°F
Rooibos is a hard tea not to like. Usually its sweet and full of flavor. s a result, I really enjoyed this flavor of it. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that wanted a tasty rooibos.
5 mins @ 212°F
Feb 8th '13
This is the second rooibos that I have tried and I really enjoy it. All rooibos have a pretty similar taste so if you've had Adagio rooibos before just expect that with a little accent.
Feb 7th '13
I haven't been a fan of Earl Grey having tried a few blends. I don't know what is up with everyone's obsession over it. I was hesitant to dive right into the Earl Grey Bravo so I went with the lighter Moonlight instead. It was pretty 'ok' but I just can't wrap my head around it.
Feb 6th '13
This is a very satisfying oolong. The peach adds a very delicate flavor. I don't have much experience with oolongs but I really enjoyed this tea.
Feb 5th '13
This is a great little sampler to discover the difference in flavors amongst the black tea family.
Feb 5th '13
Wow. This tea is the best plain black tea I've had. The flavor is just so complex and satisfying. I've tried a lot of other black teas from Adagio but this one is my favorite.
Feb 2nd '13
Sleeping dragon is a very smoky and rich tea. It reminds me a lot of hojicha. Although I don't think I could drink a few cups of any kind of smoky tea every day, it definitely is great once or twice a week. On a second note, I just tried to infuse the leaves more than once but the taste was awful.
Feb 1st '13
A very great tasting black tea. It is a lot more pleasant than other similar black teas and very smooth.
Jan 31st '13
This is exactly what I'd imagine Uncle Iroh drinking. I try to channel his inner peace whenever I have a cup of this. I love this tea.


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rooibos vanilla chai
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