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Score: 97
by Katy & gary...
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, peach
Score: 99
by Katy & gary...
mocha nut mate, chocolate chip, cinnamon
Stars Hollow
Stars Hollow
Score: 99
by Katy & gary...
pumpkin spice, cream, chestnut


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Karl B.
Karl B.

Messages for Katy & Gary:

Mar 2nd 2013 | Public Msg
Anthony said:
Thank you for your review. I just saw it now, and I am incredibly honored!

Latest Reviews

Nov 5th '13
Super minty with a fresh aftertaste. Needs a bit of sugar to truly taste like candy canes. It's basically like mixing black tea and peppermint tea.
Nov 5th '13
Simple, creamy and just a tad sweet. Great to have after dinner with a touch of sugar and some milk. My favorite decaf flavor so far. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Oct 1st '13
This tea was alright, but didn't have the peach flavor I was looking for. I expected more of the tart, brightness you'd get from a fresh peach, but this tasted a bit bland to me. Almost like a weaker version of the decaf vanilla (which I like very much) with a tiny hint of saccharine peach taste. I wish it were a bit more fruity. (3 mins @ 212°F)
May 20th '13
Not exactly like drinking a Pina Colada, but definitely delicious. The taste of the pineapple is strongest, which coconut just lingering in the background. Very tangy and sweet. The perfect herbal for anyone who likes really fruity teas. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 21st '13
I can barely taste the coconut (certainly not as much as with the coconut black tea) and don't really notice any pineapple other than in the smell of the dry leaves. Only way I can really enjoy this is with a little sugar and quite a bit of lime juice... just makes it taste more tropical that way to me. I like the pina colada fruit tea MUCH better. (3 mins @ 192°F)
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