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Kim K.
Kim K.

Latest Reviews

Feb 13th '17
These are my go-to for tea consumption at work. Can't live without 'em. ♥
Nov 19th '16
This is one of my favorite jasmine teas! It's got a floral kind of sweetness to it, a little heavier on the jasmine. I don't mind however, as I'm pretty fond of this variety of tea to begin with. There's a lovely softness to it, and I went through it faster than I'd like to say. Well worth the price, even if I can only get it every so often.
Nov 19th '16
There is something absolutely addicting about this blend. I'm usually not much for lapsang, as I've always found it far too intense on its own. Like drinking a campfire, and not in the nostalgic childhood camping trip way. The smokiness is still front and center here, but cut through with some spice and a bit of sweetness at the end. I never need sweetener for this one, but every sip makes me smile.
Nov 19th '16
This tea was just a tad too sweet for my tastes, unfortunately. I got an intense whiff of caramel right out of the bag, giving me this sort of sticky, sugary feel. It doesn't brew quite so intensely sweet, but I found that no sweeteners were necessary.
Sep 18th '16
Picked up the 40 Winks tea to help with anxiety and holy hell I was not expecting it to work quite as well as it did! And not only that, but it was delicious, too. I drink it iced at work, though I'm sure it's wonderful hot, too.
Feb 5th '16
Had some of this today! It's not particularly fruity, but calm and mild instead. It isn't super sweet, and no flavor overpowers another, which is good when you need to wind down after a hard day.


Score: 97
by Cara McGee
gunpowder, chestnut, irish breakfast
Erwin's servin you his tea
Erwin's servin you his tea
Score: 98
by Mari Sue
white pear, white peach
Score: 98
by Meg Daunting
irish breakfast, cinnamon, rooibos peach
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