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Messages for chris:

Sep 30th 2014 | Public Msg
beth said:
I Love your teas! You are so creative!! I have tried others but they are nothing like yours!! Thank you!!
Oct 25th 2014 | Public Msg
Alicia said:
I am totally obsessed with the Castiel blend, nearing the end of my stock, and distressed that it is unavailable! Your stuff is so great, they need to keep it all in stock all the time :)

Latest Reviews

Jan 15th '16
green tea blends are often hit or miss, but I felt like the added flavors were just right. It's not a really heavy blend, but that can be nice.
Jan 15th '16
This blend is literally like a pbandj sammich except more dark and murky. I kind of made this blend as a joke, but also because this ship hurts me, and it's my fave, and I don't have any control over my life.
Jun 30th '15
Surprisingly not 'too-much' ginger to handle. The green chai is really warming, and when combined with the kind of smokiness of the gunpowder green it comes together quite nicely. It's been described as somewhat like how candied ginger smells, or a candy basket full of cinnamon delights.
Jun 10th '15
It packed a lot of caffeine-punch which is great for midnight brainstorms. Tasted kind of cookie-like with added cream and sugar. This blend was tasty even when it went cold.
Jun 10th '15
This blend is the right balance of sweet and bitter. Not a big fan of this pairing itself, but I reluctantly admit that the mix between valentines and lapsang is quite fitting. It almost tastes like a dark chocolate with the chalkiness and tartness of the lapsang. Definitely worth a try for anybody into this flavor profile.
Mar 21st '15
I am so happy with this ingenuiTEA maker. I've been working with the smaller version after my large one from Teavana broke (cheap piece of junk). This has much thicker, stronger plastic, and makes tons of tea. I've missed being able to make this much at once, and it feels good knowing that it will be around for a long time. It's great for getting tea ready for numerous people.


Score: 90
by Cara McGee
gunpowder, spiced mate, cream
The Office Romance
The Office Romance
Score: 89
by Cara McGee
gunpowder, wild strawberry, spiced green
Billy Wiggins
Billy Wiggins
Score: 95
by Cara McGee
lapsang souchong, pu erh dante, chestnut

Signature Blends

The Archer
The Archer
Score: 96
by Chris Diaz
citrus mate, ginseng green, blood orange
Score: 99
by Chris Diaz
white blueberry, blueberry, berry blues
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester
Score: 98
by Chris Diaz
spiced apple chai, sour apple, rooibos vanilla
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