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Messages for Auburn:

Oct 12th 2014 | Public Msg
Paige Halsey said:
For a Bill tea, I'm planning a Gravity Falls villains set.
Jan 21st 2015 | Public Msg
Annii said:
Hi! The Lapsang is still growing on me. .) It tasted a lot less overpowering once I put in some sugar. I think it's good, and the smokey is really perfect for the character, really. And the Thalia tea? OMG, amazing. I'm buying the 5oz tin on my next order. :)
Oct 9th 2015 | Public Msg
Mylia said:
It's perfectly all right about Nico. :) My daughter loved it, so it went to good use. Besides, her taking the Nico means she keeps her hands out of what's left of my Thalia. :D
Feb 3rd 2016 | Public Msg
Adrianna said:
Your blends look awesome, I wish I wasn't allergic to mango or I would be all over the Mermaid Lagoon!

Latest Reviews

Feb 4th '15
Good for days when you're sick but need energy to stay awake. Good hot and cold. (3 mins @ 190°F)
Feb 4th '15
This tea is a great chocolate chai, really caffeinated. Great for an early morning or when you have to take down an entire army of monsters!! (3 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 4th '15
This tea, much like the capsules it's modeled after, is great for when you're feeling sick (all chamomiley and rooibosy and appley and lemony) (5 mins @ 212°F)
Jun 15th '14
VERY cloying- like a bouquet of perfumed flowers shoved in your nostrils and down your throat. Almost sickly sweet if you don't tone it down. I suggest 'less is more' for this tea. The first batch did have double the lavender, and I changed it to have rose petals so it shouldn't be so intense this time. Still good, just be prepared. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Jun 15th '14
Really buttery with a very soft mouth-feel... if anybody told me to drink a tea with artichokes in it I'd probably tell them they were crazy but I'm glad I took a chance with this tea. Good on its own but seems like it would work better in blends. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Apr 17th '14
I originally made this tea for a school project. It was meant to taste light and breezy, with pear being the major flavor. However, it turned out tasting like banana muffins (probably from the marigold)- which is in no way a bad thing! It's still 110 delicious, good iced or hot.


Steven Universe
Steven Universe
Score: 92
by Kiernan Sju...
cranberry, blood orange, hazelnut
honeybush pumpkin chai
honeybush pumpkin chai
Rating: 92
15¢ / cup
It's A Wonderful Life
It's A Wonderful Life
Score: 92
by Cynthia Hum...
chocolate, coconut, cream

Signature Blends

Score: 99
by Auburn Kelton
thai chai, blueberry, vanilla oolong
Score: 88
by Auburn Kelton
pomegranate, lapsang souchong, irish breakfast
Score: 99
by Auburn Kelton
pu erh hazelberry, forest berries, rooibos vanilla chai
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