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Messages for Lindsay:

Dec 3rd 2014 | Public Msg
MaggieMay said:
I LOVE your mythology fandom. As a classics student it' 'my cup of tea'. I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas.
Jan 11th 2017 | Public Msg
Evie said:
Hey, would you ever think about adding Charitea to your flavors? Maybe ones that correspond to the theme of the tea (Planned Parenthood for Hera, Something about the oceans for poseidon, energy for zeus). I think it'd be a great addition!

Latest Reviews

Feb 10th '14
I was really interested to try this blend, and it was certainly a new experience. I love how fun the sprinkles addition makes the blend look (you can't really taste them at all though - the blend is not sweet). I usually enjoy green teas, but I hadn't tried a spiced green before. It had an interesting chai-like flavor but not as strong. I had planned to drink it with milk and sugar, but I ended up drinking it with just sugar because I thought the milk might overpower the tea. It is a fun blend, but I'm not sure I like the spiced green taste (I guess prefer just regular or fruity green tea).
Feb 10th '14
This tea is extremely fruity! You can definitely smell the orange in the bag and after it's brewed. It has a tangy flavor which would be nice mixed with other teas.
Feb 10th '14
The mint is really the strong point in this tea, which is good because I'm not a huge fan of Rooibos. I'm not too familiar with plain chamomile, but I know it's a good sleepy-time tea. Overall it was a nice, relaxing blend of teas with a fresh mint flavor.
Feb 4th '14
In the bag Hera smells like perfume - sweet and floral. The blueberry flavor doesn't really come out until after being brewed. The vanilla blends the rose and blueberry flavors perfectly, creating a sweet, creamy taste that goes well with milk and sugar. Perfect for tea parties and sitting in the garden! (3 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 3rd '14
I created this blend to be like the Blueberry Bliss sample at Teavana (a guilty pleasure of mine), and I am very happy with the results! It tastes exactly like Blueberry Bliss from Teavana with sugar added. In the bag you can clearly smell the blueberry and pineapple, but once brewed the pineapple mellows out and simply adds a tangy-ness to the blueberry flavor. Very refreshing either hot or cold. Medusa will be a staple in my cupboard from now on! (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 3rd '14
When I placed my last tea order I was on the fence about adding this one to my cart, but I'm glad that I did! Icarus smells so good in the bag - really fruity and fresh. And once brewed the strawberry flavor really comes out! I tried my first cup with cream and sugar, but I think it would be good plain with ice too. I'd say the brew is more fruity than black tea flavor, which I like. It would go great with scones and a good book! (5 mins @ 212°F)


The White Tea of Kings
The White Tea of Kings
Score: 99
by Aun-Juli Ri...
earl grey moonlight, cream, snowbud
Score: 90
by Taryn Knight
forest berries, hojicha, hazelnut
Score: 85
by Taryn Knight
snowbud, white blueberry, almond

Signature Blends

Score: 97
by Lindsay Lock
valentines, wild strawberry, cream
Score: 92
by Lindsay Lock
pomegranate green, gunpowder, pomegranate
Score: 95
by Lindsay Lock
chocolate chip, cinnamon, hazelnut
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