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Cocoa Framboise
Cocoa Framboise
Score: 95
by Christa Y
honeybush chocolate, raspberry patch, honeybush hazelnut
Score: 99
by Megan .
rooibos vanilla, peppermint, spearmint
Score: 99
by Megan .
rooibos jasmine, berry blues, decaf blueberry

Signature Blends

Sugar Puppy
Sugar Puppy
Score: 98
by Meg Daunting
vanilla oolong, caramel, rooibos caramel
Sour Wolf
Sour Wolf
Score: 98
by Meg Daunting
rooibos vanilla, rooibos cinnamon apple, cinnamon
Score: 98
by Meg Daunting
irish breakfast, cinnamon, rooibos peach


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Messages for Meg:

Feb 4th 2016 | Public Msg
Abigail said:
I have yet to try my sample set but from the smell alone I am already thinking of ordering more.
Sep 23rd 2016 | Public Msg
Alisha said:
I bought your Teen Wolf Sampler set plus a few of your other samples. It's only just arrived today (Australia) and the first one I decided to try was Ginger Fabulous.... and FABULOUS IT IS! I usually just drink Lipton Black Tea (with milk), but your tea - yeah I have no words other then YUMMMMMM. 100/100
Oct 3rd 2016 | Public Msg
Alisha said:
Ok, so I bought 11 of Meg's Teen Wolf samplers. They are: Ginger Fabulous, Snark Nerdy To Me, Sour Wolf, Triskelion, Tea(se), Goal Steeper, On Call, Sugar Puppy, BFF, Claws and Effect, Everybody's Tea. I have absolutely fallen in love with all of them, except sadly for: On Call and BFF. All of the teas smelt divine both in the tins and also while steeping. Unfortunately my taste-buds just did not agree with those two teas. 9 out of 11 teas though, I think that's pretty great for a tea novice like me, plus I get the great art on the cute little tins!
Nov 22nd 2016 | Public Msg
K said:
I love these so much - from the spectacular puns right through to the taste. Much to my dismay, Everybody's Tea is my favorite - I don'tk know what it is, it's just so GOOD. Please never stop making these. They are amazing.

Latest Reviews

Feb 6th '14
SO delicious! I love how perfect it is with the tea, it doesn't flavor it, just sweetens it. On it's own it's also quite lovely and subtle! And it makes me so happy that Adagio is supporting a great local Georgia business! :)
Jan 21st '14
A really fun set, we got it in time for Christmas and had some delicious tea along with some great holiday treats. :)
Jan 21st '14
I got the white berry flavor and it's AMAZING I love the bits of berry in the cookie, really fantastic and delicious!
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