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honeybush pumpkin chai
honeybush pumpkin chai
Rating: 93
15¢ / cup
Score: 99
by Susanne Sho...
white eternal spring, dewy cherry, rooibos vanilla
Score: 99
by Susanne Sho...
white blueberry, berry blues, rooibos jasmine

Signature Blends

Score: 99
by Jessica T
earl grey bravo, tiger eye
Score: 98
by Jessica T
earl grey moonlight, blueberry, coconut
Score: 98
by Jessica T
chocolate chai, honeybush vanilla, chamomile


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Messages for Jessica:

Dec 5th 2013 | Public Msg
Clover said:
Thanks Jessica for the free sample of cocomint green!!!!
Sep 3rd 2014 | Public Msg
Lala said:
I received your Rose tea as a sample and I have to say, while it doesn't smell all that great in the tin, it brews beautifully. The taste is wonderfully floral and light.
Oct 8th 2014 | Public Msg
Lucy said:
I received the Clara blend as a sampler, and was a bit wary at first, because I normally find that strawberry and vanilla come out a bit cloying in tea--but I was pleasantly surprised! This tea was delicious black, but a bit of milk and sugar would make for a nice dessert tea.
Mar 10th 2015 | Public Msg
Clover said:
I am loving your Stargate blends, cute art and great tea blends!
Apr 24th 2016 | Public Msg
Jillian said:
I can not even express my gratitude for this blend I've also never had anything in my life with this much caffiene! I love tea, I've tried many but this is MY (Doctor) tea! Thank you for your genius blending skills:-)
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