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porcelain cup and infuser (pink)
porcelain cup and infuser (pink)
Rating: 98
only $19
60¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Jasmine Chamomile
Jasmine Chamomile
Score: 95
by Jennifer Ge...
chamomile, rooibos jasmine
Chamomile Chai
Chamomile Chai
Score: 80
by Jennifer Ge...
chamomile, rooibos vanilla chai, sour apple
Peppermint Patty
Peppermint Patty
Score: 97
by Jennifer Ge...
chocolate, candy cane, peppermint


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Messages for Jennifer:

Oct 16th 2014 | Public Msg
Suzie said:
I tried the cherry green by itself and it tasted like cough syrup. Does blending the tea in your blend reduce the cherry f labor to alight cherry or strong cherry?
Oct 16th 2014 | Public Msg
Suzie said:
Your Boost and Blueberry muffin look intriguing too. I really like your labels.
Aug 11th 2016 | Public Msg
Carrie said:
Jennifer, last night I mixed your Goodnight Moonlight flavor with your Lady Orange flavor! Delicious! Give it a try!

Latest Reviews

Mar 11th '18
It's nice to be able to sample a variety of nicer teas, and definitely encouraged me to buy a few larger bags of several varieties I might not have discovered on my own.
Mar 11th '18
Love the variety found in this box. There's something for everyone, so it great to bring out when you've got a group of friends over wanting a quick cup.
Mar 11th '18
I absolutely love being able to make a proper cup of matcha! The whisk makes it easy to whip up a nice sweet froth you just can't get from stirring with a spoon or using an egg whisk. I'm not sure the scoop is any better than a measuring spoon, but it really adds to the feeling of ritual. Very zen.
Mar 11th '18
Love everything about this tea! It's super drinkable, like any good breakfast tea should be. I appreciated the complexity of the tea, which is often lacking in a breakfast tea. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 11th '18
Steeped this tea in a glass display pot, and it was beautiful! I enjoy the combination of blueberry and lemon, but the blueberry was a little strong. To balance it out, I added a little more lemongrass to what I've got left. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 11th '18
Given the price, I was expecting something ordinary. I was pleasantly surprised! Golden Flower is reminiscent of Ali Shan to me. Upon inspection, the leaves were torn and not the usual quality of other whole tea teas. Maybe it s like getting a great designer pocketbook at an outlet mall because of a flaw in the liner. Do I care if the leaves aren t perfect? Nope, it still tastes wonderful to me! (3 mins @ 195°F)
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