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Erin D.
Erin D.

Latest Reviews

Feb 13th '15
Made this for a Valentine's present. It was actually pretty well balanced. Strong enough for him, but light enough for me.
Mar 6th '14
Nice black tea with a bit of spice. I like this one better than Oriental Spice or Decaf Spice, I think.
Mar 6th '14
This is a nice light herbal tea. Really good to have before bed in the evening.I drink it without any additives.
Feb 24th '14
This tea gets me ready for spring so I had to order it in preparation for warmer weather. It's a nice refreshing herbal.
Feb 24th '14
Another wonderful tea! I love that it has chai mixed in but that it's also herbal, so I can drink it at night. It's a nice soothing and flavorful tea. It's great for cold weather. This is another that I could probably drink straight but really like with honey added to it.
Feb 24th '14
This is great! I love the apple spice flavor it has. It's not too heavy and not to light. I could probably drink it without anything added, but it's lovely with a bit of honey.


Score: 86
by Charlotte E...
lapsang souchong, candy apple, caramel
pumpkin spice
pumpkin spice
Rating: 90
12¢ / cup
tea cookies
tea cookies
Rating: 95
only $4

Signature Blends

Sohma Kisa
Sohma Kisa
Score: 90
by Amanda F.
chamomile, blood orange, lemon grass
Honda Tohru
Honda Tohru
Score: 99
by Amanda F.
wild strawberry, rooibos jasmine, honeybush vanilla
Sohma Momiji
Sohma Momiji
by Amanda F.
dewy cherry, mocha nut mate, rooibos vanilla
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