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Kay A.
Kay A.

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Sep 27th 2013 | Public Msg
Kay said:
Your new blends look great! Maybe I'll try one when i get the money :3

Latest Reviews

Feb 16th '13
Everyone else loved this, and the variety was wonderful but it just wasn't for me.
Oct 29th '12
The smell when you first open the bag isn't really appealing. It's just a bit bland. The first time I made this tea, I oversteeped it a bit as I got absentminded and it turned out bitter and dry. So be very careful not to oversteep it. When done right, this tea is very earthy I think its a fabulous black tea. The caramel flavor gets lost in the pu erh dante, but I'm not a big fan of caramel to begin with so I didn't mind. I wouldn't recommend adding milk to this tea though, as it kills any hint of flavor other than the pu erh dante. Add lots of sugar and you'll have a mellow tea, perfect for late nights and days filled with lots of homework.
Oct 23rd '12
It is a little on the small side, no false advertising or anything. It is as described. Tea always tastes better out of a glass, but it's a nice glass and it fits perfectly underneath my ingenutiTEA maker.
Oct 23rd '12
This is the best invention ever, I didn't even know that I wanted it. But, it's perfect, easy, quick and cleaning it is so easy. I just put it in the dishwasher!
Oct 22nd '12
This is definitely my new favourite tea, I LOVED the Lydia Martin and this is like the perfect sister to it. The scent really is like big red gum, but not the flavor just the scent. It is a fantastic blend blend of citrus and spice. Just so Donna! I prefer it with a teaspoon of sugar. . It's a wonderful cup any time of day but I do have to say I love it in the mornings or in the afternoon when I need a quick pick me up!
Oct 22nd '12
Another great, soothing tea. I loved the smell, it is light and smells like flowers almost. Its not as weird as it sounds I found it soothing, It is so accurate when people describe it as fey like, there really isn't any other word for it! Add just a splash of milk to it and a dash of sugar, and you'll have a perfect cup of tea. I will be buying the tin from now on!

Signature Blends

House Stark
House Stark
Score: 90
by Caroline H...
earl grey moonlight, chocolate, spearmint
Grimm Tea Party: Nick
Grimm Tea Party: Nick
by Caroline H...
hazelnut, honeybush chocolate, gunpowder
Grimm Tea Party: Juliette
Grimm Tea Party: Juliette
by Caroline H...
earl grey lavender, vanilla green, rooibos jasmine
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