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Messages for Cephal O.:

Sep 29th 2016 | Public Msg
Hayden said:
If you make any more Ava's Demon blends I will definitely try them! I can't wait to try your blends from other fandoms-- I've got a few I've got my eye on currently! :^)
Oct 15th 2016 | Public Msg
TeKiesha said:
Thank you so much for the gift! I love Moonlight. :)
Oct 27th 2016 | Public Msg
Holly said:
Thank you for the roobios!
Jan 2nd 2017 | Public Msg
Alice said:
What a lovely surprise! thannk you for my favorite tea! Pumpkin spice

Latest Reviews

Sep 13th '17
i don t know if the actual chocolate would have been my thing otherwise, but when i opened it, it was clearly very, very stale. all white and powdery and dry. awful taste might have been there originally, but it certainly wasn t helped by this being what appears to be a very very old chocolate bar (and for 2-4 times what you might usually pay for a fresh one)
Apr 26th '17
Some bretty good gourmet teas, the bags are a nice convenience
Oct 6th '16
This is a really nice tea - I had it in my traditional earl grey style, with steamed milk and a little sweetener. I couldn't really detect any coconut in the flavor itself, but the little coconut flakes certainly do look striking in the tea leaves. It does seem to overbrew a little easier than bravo or moonlight, so I'd watch out for that. A really nice earl grey, overall.


rooibos lemon cloud
rooibos lemon cloud
12¢ / cup
lemon soleil
lemon soleil
Rating: 91
12¢ / cup
white strawberry
white strawberry
19¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Moirail Tea
Moirail Tea
Score: 98
by Cephal o. P...
rooibos vanilla, wild strawberry, rooibos peach
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
Score: 99
by Cephal o. P...
valentines, cream, chocolate chip
Nepeta Leijon
Nepeta Leijon
Score: 99
by Cephal o. P...
spearmint, rooibos cocomint, honeybush chocolate
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