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Sep 11th 2013 | Public Msg
Suzie said:
So funny im gonna try it
Jun 23rd 2014 | Public Msg
Jennifer said:
mmmm, a cup of plague!

Latest Reviews

Nov 5th '12
It really, truly is the quenchiest! Best after a nice hot shower, for sure! I do taste the sour apple, as a faint but pleasant lingering on my tongue that keeps me going back for more. I seriously can't drink only one mug of this. It's very light both in feel and flavor, that makes it enjoyable in huge gulps even when piping hot (but cool enough not to burn your tongue!) It re-brews very nicely as well (which is good because there's no way I can afford to go through the entire bag in one night!). Overall, an amazing tea that I was surprised to like this much since I don't even like cucumber.
Nov 3rd '12
It tastes just a tad sweeter and fuller than most green teas, with a bit of a savory feel overall. I could certainly drink this with just about any dinner. When steeping, the color grows very slowly from the clear water into a sickly green before it turns the color of marigold. Out of the bag, it has a rich fruity smell. Sweet, but also dark, almost like a bag of currants.
Nov 3rd '12
Fun Fact: This one brews gold! It smells wonderful out of the bag, like mixed spices and a hint of fruit. When brewed, the spices are subtle and the tea is never too strong.
Nov 3rd '12
I would certainly agree with Tech's own review, that it's the kind of sweet like a Forest after rain. It's a wonderfully rich sweet tea. Not flowery or sugary, but a mouthful of rich forest rains. I can steep it as long as I want without it becoming too bitter while still having a strong tea, which is also a plus for some of my friends who dislike bitter tea.
Nov 2nd '12
A wonderfully fruity blend that smells crisp and sweet right out of the bag. It brews to a beautiful red color and tastes more like fresh sweet apples than strawberry. Which is a pleasant surprise. For brew time, you can brew it according to how sweet or sour you like your sweets since the tea really doesn't get bitter. The longer the brew time, the more sour it tastes. Shorter brew time for sweeter tea. Perfect for sweet-teeth, and would definitely make a delicious iced tea with very little need for sweetening.
Jul 12th '12
This tea has become the family favorite. It is very sweet and flowery, and I've found it nearly impossible to make it go bitter. I can leave my steeping bag in while I drink and it stays just as sweet as ever. This tea is perfect for headaches, relaxing, or right before bed. Would also be great accompanied with a fruity breakfast or dessert (bagel with cream cheese and strawberries, for instance). (6 mins @ 200°F)

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